Then there are two major responses you can take to any kind of disharmony.

The first is development of authentic spiritual wisdom, letting conceptual frameworks go by Tioweh “Entering the Silence” or “shutting off internal dialogue” and ego-mind loop system entirely. This is the most effective tool to remove influences in my opinion. The most common way to develop this shift of consciousness is to focus entirely on one thing like the feel of your lower abdomen when breathing until you reach a point where only thought that existence is this, and all other delusive ideation has dissolved back into the substrate consciousness. At this point you let go of this thought and enter the unspeakable halls of the formless self.

The second response is to seek exterior methods, for some people this can be a miracle but most people get a partial turn-around. Although from an ego state we may say we want full healing from another state of being we may want to understand how we participated in manifesting this multidimensional narrative so that we cannot ever repeat it and so we tend to get only what we need in order to move forward in building our core integrity and expanding from a point of cohesive mastery if this is the case then let yourself join the process with joy and gratitude such as you are able to rather than from a perceived or imaged sense of need mirroring as it does an adherence to the very ego-identity which is the cause.

From the active side of infinity here is one Inner Light Recoding:

All hexes curses negative energy ties cords, tentacles, sigils, symbols, brands, & blood sacrifice
All alien implants, nanites, AI, etheric weaponry, sexual siphons, hooks, imposter spirits, crucifixion implants, dead light,
All luciferian, satanic, grey, archontic, draconian, annunaki, necromiton, jehovian, & nephilim energy signatures
All black magicians and magic, metatronic reversal, and death star merkabic fields
All possession and fragmentation, negative thought forms, negative forms

All these that influence my multidimensional being against my express will and intent
I NOW accept and encompass your destiny as claimed by the divine sovereign right
Prepare to return to my consciousness body as pure quantum or vacate this space now

Visualize the expansion of your self to the planet, solar system, galaxy, all timelines and universes in all galaxies in known existence

Mo Sta Mor Ra Ka Ma Ya
I Am and Call Forth Oneness Eternal Light, Eternal Love, Eternal Flow-Power
KO RA HA Shi-IR Ho Sha Mor Ren Kymios
The All Infinite-Oneness Encompasses Transcendent Transformation within The Innermost Intent
Bo Cha Ka Ma Ya
I now Invoke this Eternal Light, Eternal Love, Eternal Flow-Power

As a grid-sphere of translucent infinite light composed of Platinum, Magenta Pink, Turquoise and Gold
Spark the Eternal Cosmic Flame see-feel or intend a pair of wings beyond the size of all that exists beginning to fan the flames of the grid sphere and fire wings yet higher
Send waves of this Holy fire every fire line and within the water chambers of your chakras and 12d shield

Know that you are the A V A T A R
All the force of eviction, is a Endless Unrelenting Shapeshifting Whirlwind Tornado or Fire-water Light
Emanate this command in omnidimensional force-waves of your aligned intent
Let every fearful, quivering, iota of you to dissolve in the presence of that which is the Authentic Sacred Spirit

There is no defense and no enemy to the Most High God-Source Consciousness
Embrace this essence and be embraced by it
Burn away and annihilate every thought, feeling, and aspect of artificial organic existence
Sit in the these torrential Heavenly storms until you feel and know that the sky of your mind-body has become clear

Return to your body into a white gossamer space within the higher heart and sing your praise to the revelation of your True spirit
Sit quietly, feel and listen to the peace you have co-created
Let your identity merge with the formless dancing of inner still self
Know this space as the foundation of your truth
Discover it.