There is no act more beneficial than that of meditation except those actions that directly preserve, protect, and lovingly engage living beings. Meditation is nothing short of developing the ability to neutrally observe the contents of the five senses, feelings, and mental events. This allows for the preservation of energy and access to higher states of consciousness.  Developing the ability to shift states of consciousness from the tangible/physical to the intangible/nonphysical is paramount to bringing about DNA activation and consciousness awakening or “spiritual experiences.”

The negative ego/psyche exists as an energetic construct that serves as a multidimensional waveguide directing higher dimensional energy-intelligence through it’s filters of attachment, desire, & self-preservation and it is programmed to create and/or adhere to time-loops or self-degenerating systems of relationship.

As energy awareness is drawn away from the self-limiting perceptions of the 3D identity energetic sensitivity is built up which supports shifting states.

May you, with folded hands, kindle the flame of awakening into an almighty fire, and there as love  remember that we are one.


Access spiritual intelligence through focused energy-intent and meditative awareness. And begin again.

On another density level I am connected in consciousness to that of a Mayan seer known as the White Rattlesnake.

The spirit of the snake is one of subtle awareness, of patience, and the white snake is a protector. This beings existence is to aid the transit of souls out of the incarnation levels of manifestation. To do this he is involved in maintaining near-constant meditative stabilization reading the energy signatures and using the energy awareness of breath to harmonize with recently deceased souls to protect and guide them beyond the Negative Alien NET systems and in beyond the search range serpent race soul trackers. This is a serious crime but those who are awake know there is only oneness as such there is no possibility otherwise, there is only love.

Understand that the Earth plane is controlled by nonphysical intelligence. These entities have installed Advanced AI systems, black hole technology, & many other forms of bioenergetic control of consciousness. You are an eternal spiritual identity that has become trapped amongst these holographic systems. These entities for the most have already died, for without our energy they would cease to exist because they have collectively destroyed their connection to god-source energy exchange. You are utilizing one of the artificial software programs called the negative ego on a regular basis feeding energy to produce self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, perceptions, and time-loops. In fact, for most of us, at this time, the negative ego is a large part of what we believe our self to be.

At a basic level our energy grasps onto the physical body, our thoughts, and feelings as if we are these actions of awareness. This is attachment to the future or past, which generates stasis and disconnection from the now moment unity intelligence. It is quite simple to begin to repair your consciousness continuum by becoming aware of the breath and observe, simply allow the body to breathe without your control or interference, just observe it from a state of neutral detachment. This same process of contemplative insight is required as well as you shift to let go of your gripping of thoughts and feelings just allowing them to originate, express, disintegrate without “you” identifying with sustaining directing empowering or avoiding them.

These practices will lead you to stop the infinite thought loop systems of the negative ego so you arrive at stable points of stillness where false identity can be viewed and transcended. As your extract your consciousness from the well of the negative ego you will begin to experience & comprehend freedom, clarity, love, and power that would otherwise be impossible to embody.

Working with objects of attention begins the process of learning how to relax, detach, & focus consciousness and this practice also directs energy-awareness away from the false reality world of appearances that is forcefed to mass consciousness as a packaged box or normal range of routine experience. The dimensional frequency bands of the first three dimensions (the physical-atomic body, the elemental emotional, and elemental mental) are channels of energy-awareness operation which cannot be used as an access to experience higher states of consciousness. This system has been installed with a set of programs that degenerate and produce a static field in the energy body that inhibits the influx of higher dimensional energy while also limiting the range of perception & experience. The ego as a quantum cannot pass through the magnetic repulsion zone created by the incarnate or 3D state identity. The ego cannot create beyond its own limits which you have experienced for the majority of your life.