We look out from the body senses upon the world and accept it as reality.

This is a reality. One of the densest there are which entails time/energy delay to perceptual change.The key to the expansion of the mind consciousness is the cessation of endless self-affirmations of this reality. The reason and purpose is that this reality is merely a view and an experience of self which is limited, energetically & spiritually self-degenerative, and disconnected from a range of experiential realizations that serve to continue progressive growth of awareness, enjoyment, and cohesion.

This is not an unreachable idea this path of experiential consciousness evolution has been relayed by saints, sages, meditative adepts, self-reports of spontaneous “spiritual experiences,” advanced psychology, and quantum physics. Moreover, if you do not reach toward this you are choosing involvement in endless cycles of your current vibrational identity and it’s relationship to the world in a subject-object disconnect which has and continues to contribute to the extreme dysfunctions internally and externally. Any image of the self is not the True Self. This image is what you believe you are despite the fact that it is easily disproven.

A simple movement of awareness will indicate that the sense of you most commonly accepted as a basis for reality is a cheap fabrication. Watch your breath and you will note that your sense retract and your brain reorients its relationship to “reality.” You will almost immediately feel a change as the body grows heavier, thoughts slow, and feelings come and go . If you follow this practice you will begin to note that thoughts and anything we currently call the mind pauses, stops, fades out, and re-emerges and yet a portion of the overall awareness you are remains. You have at this point tangible proof that you are not your body, nor your feelings, nor your thoughts. The perceptual system reflexively attaches on to the projections it creates of your observation. Any projection is either not real or a point of relative reality undergoing changes not yet perceived to be made manifest.

Cultivating growth is choosing to participate in updating your perceptual and identity systems by exploring the nature of consciousness itself. This not new, the nature of consciousness is relatively known, but knowing of concepts does not give you more or less experiences of realization, you must pursue them by becoming adept at shifting into a state of detached activity, the neutral observer state. The closer you arrive in this state the more you will feel an innate purifying unfolding bliss and awareness of imaginative realms of creation. The reason is because you are harmonizing with the innate pulsation frequency of the natural universe rather than the bandwidths associated with artificial realms born from false views.

You chose to be you as Total harmony, complete unity, pure awareness or you as the chemical electro-magnetic epiphenomenon. Only of these choices has a future. This is awakening. This is a shift to the range of superconscious states connected to “higher self” and “other-dimensional” existences. No mater what your experiential limitations, the total you remains a transcendent multidimensional being existing as a composite waveform of numerous simultaneous incarnations, selves, dimensions, densities emerging from a complete at-oneness of omnipolar love that is the non-dualistic no-self point of perception.

Within the context of Multidimensional spiritual science it is simplistically stated that you as an incarnate (D1-3) are 1/12th the total energy quantum of a soul body (D4-6) who is 1/12 of a monadic body (D7-9) who is 1/12 of an avatar body (D10-12) which emerged from Pure God Suns of Formless Primal Shimmering Spiritual Sound. Thus you are the fractal awareness of a multidmensional beingness composed of 1,728 other energy identities existent upon and within other time streams, densities, worlds, and dimensions and you have the coding and potential awareness to realize, witness, unify with the total energy-consciousness to reclaim your Universal Self or Infinite and Eternal Cosmic Christ-Sophia-Buddhic Realized Station of Identity.