The purpose of existence can be distilled down to a singular focus and task which is the merging of the two primal forces the divine masculine and sacred feminine into the third force the cosmic spirit.

This act is the synthesis of consciousness. There are many paths but every one of these trails consists of developing two awarenesses. The first is feminine-yin and involves emotional clearing associated with the establishment of false identity. This unfolds into the development remembrance of christiac ethics and perceptions. The second is masculine-yang and involves how to operate energy-awareness to raise the kundalini. These are complementary, interdependent, and interconnected. If there is no cleansing then any kundalini activation will be processed through a relative lens of separation which will make that expanded perceptual range a walk of over-identification with darkness leading eventually to instability and disintegration. The ideal is to process and raise in balance progressively and peacefully mastering the cosmic inbreath and outbreath of your expansive potential and purpose. To understand and position your identity into the core essence is the mastery that generates a harmonious experience where kundalini and the biological recoding and spiritual revelations are experienced as a blissful dance.

What we are now experiencing is a tremendous influx of energy in the planetary body which we, as conduits of this planet, process a great deal. We are as such undergoing kundalini activation. Understand that you cannot control kundalini through force, you cannot master it through masculine-yang imposition. You can only surrender to the spirit and doing so receive your measure of grace that will lovingly direct you into a relative flow with the swiftly uprising stream. It is your trust of Spirit that will lead you and cleanse you of all the alternate realities your consciousness has touched upon in order to enter this time matrix. Do your utmost not to identify with the images, visions, and associative memory which includes attachments of feelings and thoughts and identities. The bandwidth or range of these thoughts is concentrated into multiple arcs which all stem from a single core and carry the code of separation. Know that consciousness which perceives itself to be separate is to that degree a participant in destruction, deception, and disconnection which leads to a longitudinal end in madness for it is nothing short of accepting a delusional self and reality view as a truth.

These waves are of cosmic fire, of the galactic breath of god, and the celestial waters of creation come to set this world free including you from all those dreams of “once upon a time” which were born of the ego the artificial identity system you once thought was you. Now is the time of letting go of that old ragged clothing, that mind looping narrative of self-limitation.

You are the Holy Spirit! You are a multidimensional standing wave pillar of Christ consciousness. You cannot run from this you cannot hide from this embrace the truth and your process will begin to take you into up the krystal spiral staircase into unveilings of never-before dreamed of liberation, self-sovereignty, reclamation. Now is a time to bear witness, to testify to the Eternal love-song, The glorious flight of the living fire water air and earth taking to wing and oscillating into a glitter starlight disrobing into the naked phoenix-rebirth of the authentic spiritual self you are and have prayed to become.

So set yourself free. Let the kundalini come to you sweetly and softly, let it grow and dance around you anchored in your eternal identity core, your beloved higher heart, you are a formless shapeshifting wave of superconscious bliss creation. Invite all parts of you to know this in the stillness, the zero point of total silence, and you will know God has been there all along waiting to take your hand and walk you home.