Reflection on The Foundation for Inner Peace

Make of your self an offering to God. That self is not you, it is what obstructs the True image from embodying. No matter how small that offering is, no matter how great the fear, let the power of the Inner Christ Light guide the way and become the invincible miracle within every space that opens up in the authentic effort to give. Experiencing divinity is not only possible but entirely necessary to relieve from you all the false identification or beliefs that obstruct your resonance-connection or cohesion principle within and to God’s own consciousness. You have free will to express as your highest or lowest potential and yet experiences of Unity consciousness are not possible through your efforts but are made possible by them, it is the Christ that enables transformation. This is why we make our best effort but within the spirit of Thine Will Not Mine, knowing that we do not know in what way God exists right here and now.

The Eternal Self that is the True You that God made has no needs, it is the infinite abundance, joy, love, bliss, awareness that ever seeks to share of itself. The self you think you are is not the Eternal Self, that self is a mind-loop designed by artificial awareness and empowered by your Eternal creative power directed in an expression of fear. No matter where you find your self in the spectrum of separation, God Christ-Sophia has already found you and awaits your invitation to begin healing the perceptions that have created such states.

You must begin the process by forgiving your self for your mistakes, God Source has already. Remembrance of your purpose as a living conduit of God is a shift of perception from the eyes of the ego and bodyself to the self in Christ-Sophia. Our ideas or pictures of our self or our Eternal Self are a source of misery if we identify with them. Of themselves they are neutral but when we lend our creative power to become them we are giving our consent to experience vast limitation and suffering because we are not and can never be anything other than what God Source has created us to be an Eternal Cocreative Spirit of Unity Consciousness. Of our own volition we do not change our images or perceptions. We intend and set into motion connection to the consciousness that does not have these limitations and by experiencing this through our inner offering our temple our energy architecture and template-ideas become increasing clear. This is a relative return to innocence, the neutral non-dualistic view, where ideas of attack and defense, of victim-victimizer are not, and can never be existent, because in Truth we are all together, we are all a part of the body, mind, and pure spirit of God. Guilt too is not in existence here, nor fear, and so we by letting our idea selves go and intending connection to God we begin to reflect the laws of God and the perceptions of Christ-Sophia which are limitless in their virtues of freedom and love and the infinite creative power.

Love itself is a miracle, it exists outside of time & space because it is an expression of unity consciousness and time-space in all its layers is just a relative experience of separation. When we love, when we give from a pure state, we transcend the parameters of the body, emotions, and fields of mind. Love is a rebirth as we exit time-space for the duration that the frequency of Love is running through our multidimensional vessel. We are also cleansed of some of the lower forms of perception to the extent that we understand and so ground the truth into our body-mind system, that all we are is Love expressing through misidentification where love is the inner source sun we eternally are we are otherwise occupied with varying degrees of forgetting or pretending we are a relative darkness as we identify with the exterior when a cloud, created by us, or through us, passes by. If you believe that your physical eyes or body sense instruments are a gauge of truth then you limit your spirit to communicate to you and with you through the limits of that view. The Eternal You exists outside of time-space and is here capable of co-creating with you to the extent that your beliefs allow. Everything that isn’t limitless love, creative power, and eternal light is a false construct that exists as a nightmare to the extent that you give that image idea your energy-identification.

Undo your fear that is what this universe and experience is all about. You cannot unmake it by desire but you can by letting it go and returning to the divine neutral state where it does not exist and has no power so that you can continuously experience the transition between belief and disbelief, truth and illusion, until you come into fuller and fuller realization that “I and my Father” that you and God Source (Father Mother Son/Daughter Divine) are One and all else was just an imagination or forgetting. All forms and forces of fear are thoughts of forgetting the Truth of God. So I ask can you forget God? Can you fully forget yourself? Do you want to? Would you prefer instead to Remember? To face those parts of you, that were made when you had the thought “I can be separate”. Those aspects of identity are lost, broken, confused, angry etc and they require your release. It is your energy that made them and it is your energy that sets them free because your fears have a face does not grant them life. You choose to create misery when you do not face your fear and offer it to God. Become the witness in God’s own name and truth, allow these memories identities to be viewed and let go of your attachment to them so that you can choose again to create again from a place of truth. If you do not process through your fears you can only create from a relative separation from pure consciousness-Love. Invite cosmic sovereign law into all that you are, go to God within, and allow your self to released into that container, let go of the illusions and self-imprisonment. This is Christos-Realignment, it is setting things back into Divine Order. Both darkness and light disappear and dissolve into what is Real which is the miraculous continuum of christ consciousness,a wholeness with no authentic conceptual correlates, just an experience-remembrance of the transcendence-revelation that is God.