I do not write anything that has not already been written by lips, minds, and hearts with far greater skill. I give praise to those who have come before, are present, and who will come in future times to liberate the consciousness of the human race. I am here, now, to clarify my own cognition. to cultivate and share what I find to be meaningful.

I have been graced with an exceedingly extraordinary life conditions which have supported my mind, body, and spirit to be here, relatively awake and aware, internally inclined to hold and further develop the spirit of awakening itself. This consciousness is the Christ or krystal code and godseed essence which is an eternal consciousness field of virtue consistent with the bodhisattva path to help all beings be free of suffering & overcome the cyclic states of misery associated with mundane life. It is this core consciousness coding that alone transmutes delusion and delivers the entire spectrum of hope, truth, strength, compassion, loving-kindness. and wisdom.

We  may call forth our ultra plasmic frequencies, avatar self, threefold flame, 12th dimensional Christ pillar or may instead call to those Fully Ascended beings known by a variety of names. Either way we do so in the same spirit and for the same reasons: to heal and liberate ourselves and this world. Through our practices we link to and become living conduits of unimaginable power, protection, DNA and elemental re-encryption. Our will resonates to the will of future consciousness and to the universal currents of limitless creation. Our DNA is divine and instills us with the capacity of opening up portals of consciousness to wherever our intent and energy is focused. As we take steps upon this path we lose attachment to self-cherishing and to self-limiting patterns of belief and perception which are all energetic choices to sustain a false identity and so to also to relate to a false reality system.

May you be blessed by the inner presence and intent to endlessly rise up beyond and through the veils of separation until you have become one with the totality of consciousness itself. May you find solace, support, and companionship in spirit and form and bring joy to the world. May you come to know in the fullest sense that not one being, not one creator god group consciousness has more than what you have, or is more than what you are. May you come to trust in the power of the Christos realignment, the avatar of ascension awakening spirit until the very last delusion is transcended.

In oneness we came in oneness we are, let us come together in body and spirit to sit in the silence and harmonically arise into unity within the continuums of divine right order and timing, no one greater no one lesser . May your journey of re-unity from the sacred body to the formless bliss of universal god awareness be peaceful, graceful, and happy. may you never lose your way. You are loved and are love.