Reflections of Santideva’s Bodhisattva Way

Guard your mind; hold the contents of the mind as you would a wounded child. It is the mind that creates the relative experiences of heaven or hell. Restrain, control, subdue the movements of your awareness so that the diseases of fear, ignorance, and violence do not entrap you within the delusions that make you at war with your self. Many dimensions are full of malicious beings and yet they can do nothing to you save through the undeveloped or wounded contents of your mind. Violence will not aid you in conquering these forces only by firmly rooting yourself in the practices of mindfulness and introspection can you become free. Without cultivating a clear relationship between the space of the mind and the contents that arise and dissipate within that space you will constantly experience cycles of suffering and happiness searching for medicine looking outward rather than developing the inner view that would heal and eventually lead to curing this idea and experience of you. Thus, guard your mind as you would guard a scared source of water in an endless desert, it alone can lead you to liberation. With this attitude & perseverance, even in the darkest place, you will not be defeated.

Let all else pass from you save for the mind fixed upon the development of virtue. Cultivate the neutral observation mode of being, of introspection, it alone will allow you to progress, otherwise you are a well-meaning being who is like a cracked pot that cannot hold water and must be continuously filled in order for virtue to be experienced. Know that there are those who have achieved perfect enlightenment, whose consciousness penetrates everything that is and so you may know and seek out their comfort within as you guard your mind and develop the non-dual state of being through mediation and introspection.

Begin in each moment with purpose. Root your self mindfully as if you were lost and seeking to find direction by viewing your surroundings from a state of neutrality fixed on discovering the way. Proceed thoughtfully when you have relaxed and allowed the body’s sense and the mind’s contents to settle so that you may understand where to go next. Examine this alone, where is the mind’s attention concentrated? Adjust that attention with by knowing where you want to go, and then move with discipline. Everything that is experienced is created like this whether that event arose from mental afflictions and unsteadiness or from mindfully attending to your self and moving into cohesion or the composure of the neutral state or non-dual self.
If you find you have frightened, or attached, or repulsed respond to all of this by letting go, offering it to the stillness. Breathing as gently and peacefully as you can as if you were a great tree experiencing a modest gust of wind. Resolute, calm, strong, steadfast, confident, devoted to the path of enlightenment or realization of unity consciousness. Respond to all impatience, bias, irritation, abusiveness, arrogance, deceit by perceiving that they are all thoughts or possibilities that you are disinterested in pursuing and so you return to your center each time that the wind engages you becoming yet more resourceful and strongly anchored in the neutral observer state. In this way loving-kindness and other virtues will arise within you to help ease your burdens until you no longer experience such separation. When the space of the mind becomes vaster than the contents purity, bliss, love, kindness, joy, the spirits of god’s own consciousness will arise and become known as expressions of the True self, or One self we are.

May the eternal perfection of God’s Infinite Light, Love, And Power Protect, Guide, Lead, Support, Nourish, Clear, Clean, and Heal you until the day that you know your self completely as the Unconditional Trinitized Flows of Love as One with All That Is God.