You were here once, you are here still.

This pool is the pool of time, it is entry into the lower worlds, or as the mayan timekeepers called them, the underworlds.
A living light portal such as this exists at the monadic level. To have a near life experience you enter (meaning partially project into) and the tunnel or tube of time engages. 

There is no forward or backward it is as simultaneous as you allow it to be (with let’s call it a tasteful delay factor).

There is continuous creation, it is this experience that is the now, a no-time space that supports the whole matrix of probabilities and possibilities in seemingly infinite time.

Travel through dimensions of time is permitted and as easy as you are true, meaning in resonance with the innate nature of the god-consciousness you are. The holographic platform supports free will in endless arrangements and expression, each consciousness who enters will experience a becoming a trick of light that manifests the illusion of being a being whose perceptions are limited by the arch of intent, an energetic signature consisting of all decisions or uses of energy-awareness.

The way out is not the way in. The future is just a higher possible expression you can choose. Remember, there are a lot of mirrors but only one you. No reflection, even all reflections combined together in every combination do not know you but they can show you what you need to know. In fact often you will discover that what you most don’t try to experience you will because the unconscious is a hidden mirror that manifests too, so you will have to learn the delicate balance of light, love, and power of being and not-being.

Oh by the way, I should mention that there are synthetic timelines and realities and beings who will tempt and take whatever you do not claim in god sovereignty and freedom. So being new to this game you will begin from a point of unknowing and should expect a few unexpected avenues for growth and learning, in fact, most of what will remind you to awake will arrive from where you do not want or intend to look to for wisdom.

To awake simply unlearn all that you have learned, let go into the neutral god space of the cosmic victory and ride the narrative waves until you see your true self was always actually an inner you that is the always is, meaning without overlays of I , me, and mine. Those quantities of energy are what we call the Cloaks of Time which allow the game to continue.

Unveil whenever you’d like to, but know that if you have been hiding for many lifetimes it will take awhile for your intent to recall what plasmas are and how to wing into flight and then there is that bit of delay to the mind who may have grown overly magnetized or gravitized to the act of falling back asleep as soon as you let go of the controls.

Now remember the mother, our divine sophia, her crystal heart core is with you always, she is the key to the simultaneous state of being & not-being, of oneness. Enjoy the game!

May the Children of Lyra rise up through Earth, Tara, Gaia to the place of return.
May your anatomy of emancipation be downloaded and upgraded.

May the resonance of the krystal river, krystal star host,s and the ultraplasmic rays of primal pure creation activate and fully expand within the multidimensional standing wave you are.

May the krystal caverns here, set your spin to the highest harmonic capacity. May the aquamarine rainbow ray return freedom, reintegrate with all that is the divine within, and re-enlighten the very fabric of your eternal formless consciousness.