Here we  are


The bright Sky of Source
is Open
The Oneness systems are aligned attuned and sequenced
into the New
The heart explodes inward and universes are born

We are Here-precisely
to Emanate through softening non-duality
all that is True

As we sit together in the prayer circle
We sing
For no seeing
No story will satisfy

Our Eternally Wild Hearts!
Wide-eyed Oneness is yours!!

Where else would it be?
This is the laughter the unmakes gravity.

Give the gift,
Tread lightly,
Become the myth.

The Silence is howling


Return the seed you were given
let the prayers of past-present-future drift
so Source can take the threads and weave the glorious tapestry

of All that you Are

And Be

The healing song grows
more winged infinities are arriving
already made, unpeeled into

A Spiritual nakedness
of pure geometry

of Krystic spiral Gene code
lattices lifting you from the stories

these words were never meant to birth truth

only to lead you
to you

You Are Free
You live breathe and abide in Source
whether knowingly or unknowingly

May you let go so you can know
More than the absence of suffering

May you come to know the Love
that endureth All things