Here you are
a space of:

( )

which is a composite of thoughts, energies, behaviors, emotions, patterns of reception, translation, and emanation. This you will not last
long, the body will be consumed if it is not first delivered unto spirit.
You cannot deliver the body as a separate consciousness, because this you is part of the body-image which must also be undone not by any act of your choosing but by the unraveling nature of the true being You actually are,
a space like this:

a n
e m p t y – f u l l ness

existing before, after, and during the expansion of white upon a page

a void of


a transparent emergence of God’s Allness

Here we are, you and I, eternal consciousness remembering how to allow the eternal inner spirit to be without obstruction, without identity overlays, without commands, needs, or desires; the structures of concepts clear the path and inform the identity that eventually we all must leap into Oneness
we all Will it to occur in divine right order and timing
so there is no need to delay no need to rush
the only need is to Be


waiting for the cessation of identity creation

quietly observing what only quiet sparks of innermost hearts show to know
truth is not a duration or point in time