You Made It, At Last

You have arrived here
now to expand the you
this is not simply an energetic exercise
it is a letting go, a surrendering of mind
to the indwelling crystal lotus heart
which is also an opening unto the experience of truth.

We Are At One Within The Crystal Hall Resonating To This Truth
of Omniversal Love

living within idea-identity is co-creating obfuscation
reach further within the surrendering
and the spark of stillness with grow into the flame of truth into the bonfire of liberation

You are Here
In every laugh of a child, every purr of kitten, the swaying of a tree, the splashing of water, you are there resonating in the undertone of love and now the growth-wave return has begun
do you feel your heart beat in the hummingbird, the surge of joy emanating from the skin of blissful dolphin as it leaps outside of its limitations, does the divine smile not reach you in the scent of the newly bloomed rose…

in every tribe, in every land, in every woman and man, you are there
your feet touch every corner of this blessed earth land, your heart is a hidden thunder
and bliss animating every single particle and wave expression of Life

Is it time to reclaim your truth?
Rainbow krystal diamond blooms in the song of now
every intent that is natural to us is endless impossibly perfect peace
and its intimately aligned to source consciousness

every movement of every body, every act of sex-of union, every helping hand is already here within readily available, every skill learnes, every power fathomed is shared within the infinite gateway of God’s own heart which we all share in our individual sacred golden light seed
It is this truth that animates the body, it is this resonance that carries air into our physical container

That which is in the way is an appearance, a dream which is a lie
you have been told to live and told to be
but there is only word which is true
and that is that we are One we are Love

Take this truth and make of it a body-architecture-identity
as you do the highest heart resonance will support you because this is our innate mission directive intention in entering into life
the infinite krystal streams and living dreams of Love are here
to be held and experienced within the core which all that you every were, are, or can ever be
So return abandon toxins of untruths
the holiest of holy the glory of God grows abundantly
in those who seek to be healed and to remember that suffering is simply a state and place of forgetting