Looking for God-Goddess
You keep on knocking
On the door you last found

what was there?

Is God-Goddess a house?
Is God-Goddess locked behind a door?

I am waiting for it, because I now know you have quite
a sense of humor

Please tell me God-Goddess
why you hide,
knocking on doors
looking for
I do not know what
but it looks like a way into you?

You are not mad,
you know you are the key to everything

Let me show you- MA SHA HI
and then Here it comes
The opening of the endless sunshine
Here it comes
the tides and winds of first creation
Howling, The 360 degree lightning storm
of awakening

Ha ha ha, what a festival it is to return
but anyway,
come out God-Goddess and play

There are no victims
and the mountain of the mind is what keeps on knocking
you dear(est) are singular
I can’t help but shout it
You Are Everything
that Life Is

Let’s celebrate with a swirling cloud of fairy kisses
with a celestial kaleidoscope of crystallizing starlight

Know you not that you are The Eternal Holy Spirit
The very breath that brings into being
whatever you fix your attention

be found God-Goddess
be found

Give yourself a new name
and rise
It is time we dream now
the end of all these dreams of forgetting

Spirit itself
animates the clay
there is a pattern made by spirits passing
that pattern exists only when spirit is present
it has no identity other than being a ripple in the water or fold of source itself
essence is existing as a formless pure awareness
detached and at one with everything
always moving true

it is like this: LETTING GO
Letting Go
No I
Letting go
No me
letting Go
No mine
letting go
no body or feeling
letting go
no conceptualization or act of perception
letting go
no consciousness
letting go
just this

The Aha Flow! I am it. (without the I) (or the Am)
And again
there exists a spilling everywhere
a liquid silver protoplasmic light dancing in explosions
of what can only be called
every ounce of joy-bliss-laughter that ever existed
and I AM
beginingless and endless………………………….

no where to go, no one to be, no thing to achieve
there is bliss
but no one who enters it

there is god-goddess
but no way to this
it already IS