Here I am (with and without you)
abiding in the glacier-shaped landscape of Iceland
sonically transported by Sigur Ros.

Here the resilient beauty of life
is constantly challenged by fire and ice
and I reach out to this like proof
that my own existence
is neither fantasy nor darkness

but it is full of the relentless will
to find the true sun within

in this aim
i am becoming everywhere
for Life Rises

in a heroes song
regardless of how quietly it is sung,
taking into account my preferences,
i walk on in monolithic silence

made rich by the raw mystical power
of the completely untouched portions
within the innermost chambers of the heart

emanating an aurora borealis
of multihued love dancing the breathtaking story
of our shared angelic soul
with all those who know the secret way to read the wind and the light
adding at times an eruption of stars
to help others find the way

to living in peace