no inner
no outer
just right here
no this self that self
no questions
no searching-seeking
no thinking thoughts into more or less being
no entering emotions to blow them up or deflate them
no entering visions or imaginations to grant them reality
just not be all of that
be with that breath as if you were holding your hand
be with the next breath

settle your debts to the this-that way
you have opted to use to describe what is obviously not you and not the world

emotions attitudes thought are not our essential self, these are happenings
these are expressions like patterns formed in the passing river
changing these will create change in your experiences
but they will not bring about transformation
this all the landscape which is the infrastructure of the ego, the composite of manifest things

transformation is understanding your true self by experiencing it
these things which are not true self can only lead your attention
to the realm of the relative expression and a relative thing is not an absolute thing
these things require a past and create toward a future
there is a single point where transformation can occur and it is everywhere
this is the present, where you can become empty
and experience an entirely new state of reality which is based solely on the expressions of the absolute

you can use the past to learn how to do something
but you cannot use the past to understand you,
you are life, and life is complete unto itself
you may say I want to be a better meditator or energy healer or I want to know God more
there is no way that you can do these things by empowering distinctions
the more skilled you become the more distinctions you will make
this is a path that does not have an end because it is path that runs away from what already is here
these goals you can achieve only by embodying your essential self

you are the consciousness of the cosmos occupying a body, but this also is just a thought which should not be latched onto but it is also a truth that must be experienced if you are to transform
even now this thought can be useful because it implies that everything that you do affects everything else
if you are sitting here seeking you are using your creative power to manifest a self that requires some kind of difficult journey to reach this other point that your thoughts has prepared as the goal
but that goal which is an image is a lie as is the path connected to it,
you have proven it to yourself thousands of times
you have already experienced the goal, but then you created layers of stories on top of it
mind thoughts and emotions cannot create this goal

so just sit, let boundaries go, until you let them go you will not arrive at the goal
the goal is to experience union this is a happening that seems to be caused when you stop polarizing
but union already exists. you cannot see or experience it when you are blinded by a self and its veils of distinctions. Although the true self to emerge and trust its eternal anchoring and ever-renewing love