To exist thousands of layers of consciousness forms co-create with our intent each one as sacred as any other. We have entered a time of sleep where many generations have affected every aspect of our collective dream with delusion. The elemental spirits that make up all things have been used without awareness and bound to creations of sickness stemming from self-deception and service to self distortions for thousands of years and across many timelines.

If we can remember to seek within the heart each day and let that guide our path and to listen the wisdom of those who found or at least sought truth with the spirit of awakening then we can heal. If we cannot do this then the dream drifts yet deeper, which is not what any being truly wants, there is no moment no time better to dance with the spirits, sing to the sun, and play with the ocean. Our love must grow beyond our fear and beyond the darkness of ego. We are here to be guardians of this great earth and guardians of love itself. There is no limit for those who embrace the true self, the dream where we exist fully awake.

I am brightened to know that you have found healing in my sharing and your reflections. And I thank you as individuals and our collective spirit for the blessing-prayers you have and will again add to our growing body of crystallizing Life, may you know that your inner core and your highest aspirations are being amplified in this here-now moment by every keeper of the dream and by every living loving thing.

Praise for you and your sacred breath dear trees
Praise for you and your blessed howl dear wolves
Praise for you and your piercing cry dear eagles & hawks
Praise for you and your healing buzzings divine bees
Praise for you precious elements of earth water fire air whose life force allows
this dream to be
Praise for the our mother this earth and her heart we know as nature

Let the veils of what seems
burn off delusions of I am so you may see-know
how dear it is to share the same sacred path of all that lives
Like the first light from the sun let us now rise with life to our highest heights

Points Orbs Crystals Spans Spheres Facets Planes
Lines Arcs Shields Layers Fields Bodies Atoms
Grids Seeds Currents Chambers Flows Pillars Suns
Codes Rings Cycles Spins Spirals
bring all into a supernova heart implosion
singularity of infinite geometry energy and possibility

Now come and walk the stars with those who have gone thus
to anchor the galactic and cosmic waves within
and so to bring back humanity’s true heart and healing

become at one with the Aurora Continuum
birth the rainbow body by deeply holding neutral meditative space
know you are the living plasmic KRYSTAL wave of light and sound
You are source itself creating the container of you
may your act emerge from the pure freedom and limitless love you truly are