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The 12D shield is a technique that is used to support the human lightbody reconnect into the organic pure living light frequencies of the Mother principle on the vertical axis, and the Father Principle on the horizontal axis. The shield is suggested to support the human body to receive higher, purer and untainted ray frequencies from source which have not been altered, and provides the override to many distortions which have been placed in the lightbody and planetary body that have stopped humans knowing a loving, unified and source based connection. It is the personal christ consciousness connection or highest aspect of self which may also be referred to as Avatar-God Self. Upon repeated intentional connection, the ray frequency builds in the vertical hara line of the human lightbody and provides stages of support for embodying higher stations of self, as the hara line becomes more strengthened it expands, and the human lightbody becomes a light ‘hub’ which, in service to god source can provide field harmonisation for earth, and individuals.

The 12D ray is very high frequency of liquid plasma platinum light, and contains the divine blueprint and mathematical sequence codes that connect the auric layers, the lightbody fibres and human biology into a continued expansion experience and corrective blueprint for ascension. The ray must be absorbed consistently and repeatedly in order to optimise the lightbody connections into stability. It is also used as a protective shield whilst on earth, as it allows furthering of the connection into the krystal star architecture, which connects directly into source or god force energies. The shield is suggested for daily use in order to build the lightbody architecture, and is an over ride to all other forms of ‘grounding’ mechanisms which have been taught through various other spiritual teachings. Many lightworkers on earth have been informed to use a white light to ‘ground’ into the planetary body, but this is witnessed by guardian teams as a false white light and holds the consciousness of the person down into lower astral planes creating feelings of astral bliss and woozy drunken states which many mistake as being enlightened or connected to god. Use of the 12th ray will over ride this, and support in the removal of reversal energies and blockages from the lightbody and biology. The 12D shield technique (video link here) was brought forth through Lisa Renee, and is suggested in order to build the lightbody and provide auric strength on the ascending path.

The shield assists in the protection of energies and the direct alignment with loving god source flow.