Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.

Galactic Heart Healing

Mhairi is an experienced energy healer providing multidimensional implant removal, attachment removal, lightbody repair, soul-consciousness unit and spiritual body part retrieval, recalibration and alignment utilising Guardian Consciousness toolsets of advanced etheric surgery of hieros gamos.

Mhairi provides context on emotional healing patterns, starseed mission strands, and information to support you on your own spiritual path, in alignment with your higher consciousness and evolution support teams.

Sessions are around 90 minutes in energy-time total which includes an initial skype connection allowing the energy work to be facilitated offline and sent via mp3 supporting your integration. Email via krystarguardians@ providing your timezone and to allow Mhairi to contact with you with potential connection times and further details. £105/$144    Further notes on energy session work – Here

OmniLov3 Healing

Sequoia & Mhairi joint session

Mhairi & Sequoia work together in this space to provide you with combined skillsets of energy healing for individuals who feel resonant to this level of support. Sessions are up to 1.5 hours in energy-time total which includes an initial skype connection allowing the energy work to be facilitated offline during optimum energetic alignment and sent via mp3 supporting your integration. Email via Krystarguardians @ providing your timezone  £111/$150

Multidimensional Healing

Sequoia is an experienced energy healer providing lightbody attunements, implant removal, higher dimensional recoding, recalibration, and alignment. This is a shared meditative space involving a live multidimensional body scan and the application of Guardian consciousness healing techniques.

Hieros Gamos advanced healing. A soft introduction via Skype sometimes dovetailing into perceptual and informational support which is followed by the shared meditative healing session which is between 45 minutes – 1 hour. Recorded sessions are emailed afterward for further integration.

Email to krystarguardians Please provide your timezone to allow Sequoia to contact with you with potential connection times. $85

Relationship Energetic Dynamics Energy Sessionwork

For partners (or friends) who feel support may be required in the energetics of relationship dynamics

Mhairi works with you and your partner/friend together in this session to provide you with energywork which is specific to the dynamics of your relationship. 

Energy patterns can be revealed, issues arising or external/internal energy field influences in the relationship container can be highlighted and energetic blocks/alternate timelines or impacts can be worked with.

Please email Mhairi at krystarguardians Energy-Time around 2 hours total. $180/£135

Starseed Interactive Energy Healing

Interactive Participation Healing Session

Work with Mhairi to enter into a relaxed state where you can be guided and led, to support you in your own healing abilities and higher self connection. Patterns of behaviour can be sourced, removed and healed. 

Very very very gentle space to your own inner sanctuary, using a mixture of Mhairi’s energywork awareness and hypnotherapy sessions, reading your own energetic architecture and supporting you in the starseed ascension support. This session is an empowerment awareness, and is not coding you with hypnotic suggestions. It is to support your inner awareness and gain insight in a relaxed state, led by Mhairi and your highest freedom of liberation intention.

A remote session via skype, includes a live connection with Mhairi and a recording of the session. Energy-time total of up to 2 hours. You will require a quiet space for this connection. Please contact Mhairi at krystarguardians to set an appointment time, including your timezone. £105/$140 

Membership Offerings

Galactic Heart Group Meditative Medicine

Each Wednesday members of our community join as we lead group space through the OmniLov3 group unity shield. The space provides each person an individual experience offering support on the ascending starseed-human embodiment experiences. Aspects of clearing, connecting further to unity, soul and spiritual body part retrieval and personal/planetary gridwork. Offered through monthly membership.