Existing in resonance
is just this:
Loving oneself.

In the unfolding
(which is really a refolding of that which was emanated
through thought-feeling-behaviors lenses)
We witness many things
subjects-objects, actions, reactions, responses
nouns and verbs
in many times and spaces
and reality fields and psuedo-reality dreamscapes
both asleep and awake.

What we learn is this:
Love thyself
this is the only law

of liberation.

All other sources
of (other than Oneness) information, experience, energy-exchange
only allude to what is already within you waiting
to awaken in your living

loving acceptance of you and the unfoldment-realization of God in form that follows

The confusion comes when the contents of the past
relationships obscures
the inner source, all shouting you are not


a simple query is all that is necessary to let go of the outer

AM I essence
already yes
Yes in whispers Yes in silence Yes in a shining truth

and yet the allure remains
“Who am I?”
“Which you needs to know, and is that you essence or an outer needing realignment?”

If essence then No
If not essence then dissolve begin again
from the inside, centered secure in the not knowing
of only that which arises in the immediate moment for knowing
which is called trusting the universal intelligence
you are.

There is no faking
of inward divine relationship
there is all manner of appearing as if
stemming from wanting to be
(resulting from not wanting to experience
or wanting to only exist as X Y Z)

which only looks like exhaustion, fatigue, need
clarity, power

that which is

allow it
the IT
is God
as LOVE moving through you
as you
awakening to the merging of you-He and She-you
in all combinations of liberation

illusion falls away
no teacher no master no student
no guru no leader or follower
no intermediary between the divine i and the i

who is here pretending to be
holding from
or searching for the divine

pick up a clear mirror

with less than a thought
but not
with less than


the LOVE you are

source existing

opens and opens and opens
universes engage
which elicit seeing clearly

all that is and is not

and still
in the silence
there is more
pulsating in a nothingness
beyond all imagination
which contains all that has
or ever will exist

in the Oneness
of smile

in the Oneness of nod
of recognition