We come, and we go
We are inspired, and we fall in line
There is no way to reach beyond
The cycle

There is a way to realize
That amongst these waves
There is a still small presence
Preaching pure being

There is a way to be simply here,
(without the need to define oneself
in one way: the brightness and unceasing pleasantry
or avoid oneself in one way: the shadow and sufferings)

The promised land is here
You’ve already arrived
Celebrate, the rest is just remembering how you did it
To reclaim the understanding is to encounter HERE
through the highest branches of your heart

to be HERE FULLY is be touch what first is felt

as absence
has no definition, no boundary, no narrative

and that Truth
is what quakes the shadows
you’re hiding in
thinking they are your true self

Don’t be surprised to be surprised
You’re already everything
but you have used God-Source’s creative power
to imitate untruth

and then walked into it
thinking this or that
stumbling deeper into slumber

and the cycles contract in

-to one small in

-breath and out-breath
of pure being