Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.


Welcome Home Star Born, Welcome to Omnilov3

Thank you for your persistence and your presence. Welcome, being here marks a place of transition where your work of surrendering to spirit will begin to flower more rapidly and fully. This is a space of spiritual development designed to cultivate an intimate relationship between you and God-source. Traditional norms relating to the organization and meaning of perception will be progressively transformed. Communal resonance becomes spiritual radiance which dissolves old patterns of being and paves the way for higher expression and inner divine relationship unfolds to the outer.

Know that you are supported, that the answers are coming, and that you are never alone.


This container is a heart offering and ascension archive that exists to help others progress through their awakening with optimal grace, peace, and power.

The energy-architecture of this body reflects a range of support systems stemming from an expanded and refined space of perceptions and reality experiences consistent with future timelines and higher self-realization.

This is specifically attuned to sacred union and for starseeds, indigo races and lightworkers to advance their understanding and embodiment of unity field intelligence or god-source awareness. Individual healing, collective recoding, and emancipation gridwork are featured.

Assess from the stillness of your inner awareness and heart, retain clear connection, and ask whether or not this path is resonant to you. Remain in your inner core and discard all that does not serve your empowered unfolding of relationship to source directly.

While you are here may you be blessed by the silent tone codes of the Krystal Star to heal and nourish your Spirit, Soul, and body-mind systems.

Core Concepts

Families of Unity Consciousness

Our Source-connections

Krystal Star

God-source is unity intelligence, it is a living field of Cosmic Kryst consciousness. The Krystal Star Teachings are a living communication of Source-field intelligence that serves to perpetuate the bio-spiritual transformation of consciousness back into the original divine intent of inner sustained direct connection and unity exchange with the eternal source light of God. This path, reality, and state of being is Eternal Omnilove, This is the essence of Christ-Sophia a Truth wave of trinity vibration held and known as the original pure being.

Guardian Hosts

The multidimensional mechanics of consciousness ascension and the Cosmic Laws governing creation are held by Guardian races. It is the express mission of Guardians to protect and insure that all beings can discover and fulfill their divine purpose. This purpose is spiritual enlightenment, the journey of the unification of the Personal Christ with God-Source through the Ascension cycles.

The Universal Law of One

The Universal Law of One is a reality field and the only true organic divine timeline, it is also a way of being that anchors into embodiment harmonic resonance with God-source. This way is not an abstraction, it is the recognition of Oneness which ignites the inner God-spark in man to emanate the eternal spiritual living light, love, and power of Christ.

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Daily Practices


Consistent meditation practice is essential. It helps develop focus, clearing of false mental ideation, and generates emotional balance


Exercising awareness in neutral observation is mindfulness & it is an important tool to identify and apply corrections to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have originated from fear, trauma, or separation


Understanding ascension dynamics is necessary in order to progress on the path of awakening. Achieving and maintaining balance, harmony, and integration is a result of experiencing and mapping connections to higher self consciousness.

Krystal Star Codes

Krystal Star Codes are living energy architectures & multidimensional frequency waveforms that exist as geomantic consciousness beings from higher sensory perception. They are unique embodiments of the restructuring and recoding intelligence of Kryst-Sophia intelligence and the Aurora who stream code encryptions infinitely to transform neurological systems, planetary grid functions, and to aid the total enlightenment of the elemental bases of matter.


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