Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.


We are awakened starseeds acting in support of freedom, love, self-empowerment and self-mastery


We believe that when we create with and through love, existence is recoded (repatterened and architecturally aligned) in the essential resonance of God Source.

Spirituality is not a disembodied sense of self, nor is it a particular blissfulness. It is the intent to develop and listen to inner guidance with Love, with the unity intelligence field of Mother-Father God. It requires dedication, discipline, observation, detachment, and playfulness.


The Omnilov3 website was created as an outreach platform for starseeds to provide current ascension context from our direct experiences as krystal star representatives. This container is a heart offering and ascension archive that exists to help others progress through their awakening with optimal grace, peace, and power.

The energy-architecture of this body reflects a range of support systems stemming from an expanded and refined space of perceptions and reality experiences consistent with future timelines and higher self-realization.

This is specifically attuned to sacred union and for starseeds, indigo races and lightworkers to advance their understanding and embodiment of unity field intelligence or god-source awareness. Individual healing, collective recoding, planetary and personal emancipation gridwork are featured.

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