Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.

Advanced Description Energy Session Work

Mhairi can work with you to support you in coming into your own energy awareness and balance, as part of your own self-caring and being in control of your own energy field.

Extreme states of imbalance, negative entity interference and fear, terror and physical life disruptions. States of fear, mistrust and experiencing alternate realities as if they are happening now. Unable to sleep, fearful of being hunted by demons or aliens, abductions

If you are experiencing extreme states of imbalance, such as negative alien/demonic interference, unable to sleep, feeling physical body jerking, seeing alternate realities and experiencing deep, extreme states of terror, voices outside the head and inside the head as ‘guides’ or  beings whom are creating torture circumstances for you, Or, you can see technology and implants inside of your physical body – it is important to comprehend your responsibility for self care first and foremost. In this case, it is suggested that you understand that healing from this type of experience can be a long term situation, and will not resolve overnight or after 1 energy healing session. For individuals to self-support, it is suggested to utilise the tools from Lisa Renee at and use the toolsets on a daily basis until you can regain some peace and more control over your daily life experiences.


advanced energy healing can assist in the following areas, yet, energy healing is not a quick fix, but can support you in healing yourself in bringing energetic balance and understanding as part of your ascension process: 

  • Psychic Attacks, Dark Force beings, demons, Unexplained pain or intense tension in the body, burning sensations in the body
  • Black Magic curses, spells or hexes, 
  • Lightbody repair and spiritual housekeeping, timeline collapse and retrieval of soul, monad, avatar, solar christ sophia energies
  • consciousness unit retrieval (like shamanic soul retrieval only more extensive)
  • you have been involved in ‘tantric’ practises but are now obsessed with your ex-partner, and cannot break the bond
  • you have been to a spiritual ‘initiation’ where substance was consumed, and do not feel very well (ayuascha etc)
  • Spiritual attachment removal (pain/sensations in the body, behavioural patterns that are not yours)
  • Becoming aware that you are responsible for your own energy and how to manage that
  • Know that you and you alone have a direct connection to source, and not through any other teacher, guide, psychic, or angel
  • Spiritual Ascension Support – sensitivities to energies, and people, sensations in the body, psychic attack and defence against the dark arts training
  • Awakening and ascending humans who require support on lightbody and energy anatomy, functions and embodiment processes
  • you were advised that channelling entities led to spiritual enlightenment or ascension, and you now realise you are dependant on guides or channelled information
  • you have scary movies running in your mind, and obsessive negative thoughts
  • You have phobias
  • you have become obsessed with someone and believe it is your ‘twin flame’, it’s taking over your life and is painful and ecstatic at the same time
  • you met someone who you believe is your twin flame, and you have been kept waiting for many years believing that this person is the ‘one’ almost like your life is on hold, waiting for this person and you to be together. It’s as if the person cannot ‘see’ you. But you still believe that you are to be together, to the point of obsession.
  • Your child has behavioural/emotional sensitivities or issues
  • Entities are trying to take over your body in possession
  • You have an illness or condition which you want to heal from your life
  • You are a therapist or healer, and you are DRAINED all of the time
  • You feel you have a curse, hex or spell
  • you are aware of demonic forces and are not sure how to protect your energy from encounters with them
  • You have repeating thought patterns and you cannot seem to shift from that program. some thoughts are as if they are not your own
  • You hear voices inside or outside the mind and your thoughts are non-positive – you feel that this is your inner self but it is causing harm and distress in you
  • You have repeated feelings of fear and fearful sensations in the body which are causing anxiety and affecting your quality of life
  • you experience pain and/or burning sensations that have an unknown cause
  • you are unhappy with your body image or do not feel comfortable in your body
  • you have addictions, compulsive lying behaviour, or destructive desires you want to stop
  • Star family, ET beings or invisible beings are coming and telling you things, sometimes telling you how you should now carry out certain tasks
  • you are aware of getting to a certain stage of spiritual development but now you are stuck
  • you have become aware of invisible etheric implants in your body and you don’t know how to remove them, or you feel blocks in your energy but cannot see them
  • Your dreams/children’s dreams are scary, or there are monsters/scary beings in your dreams.
  • you are being sexually aroused through the dreamstate and you feel drained in the daytime
  • you are experiencing sleepstate disturbance and cannot seem to stop it.
  • Your child can see things that you cannot see, and it scares you because you are uncertain on how to deal with this phenomena
  • Senses are coming online and you feel panic attacks or high stress in the body
  • ‘Grounding’ with white light makes you feel worse and woozy
  • You have aching in your heart, head, or shoulders, or face and you do not know the causation of this. Headaches are becoming the norm for you? and Why?
  • You healing skills are changing, but you don’t know what’s real anymore
  • Ascension symptoms are holding you back in daily life