About Us

Mhairi & Sequoia are Galactic Emissaries in service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of one. Their stewardship is in service as planetary gridworkers, multi-dimensional ascension guides, etheric surgeons working in full life service as ground crew representatives of the guardian host. Along with guardian group families, their mission is to support the re-education of humanity bringing awareness and spiritual truths. 

In support of the God-Sovereign-Free timeline, the OmniLov3 community is offered to prepare starseeds and the indigo families comprehend the true hidden galactic history of humanity. Sharing a safe platform for re-education and ascension tools to navigate the pathways leading into self-sovereignty and true heart healing.  As the planet body is upgraded to support the rehabilitation of the architecture OmniLov3 exists to translate the energetic shifts impacting human consciousness evolution, as the benevolence of  GodSource returns to earth this cycle and into all human hearts as a reality. 

The God-Sovereign-Free timeline is the highest freedom potential in consciousness liberation as a Cosmic Citizen and as an extension it acts to provide a multi-dimensional, multi-lineage support in the ascending human protoform. All tools and informations on our site are from direct telepathic relay contact with the Guardian Host and not through entity-channeling.  Guardian Hosts of the Krystal Star are leading the universal time matrix management and rehabilitation of the architecture of our planet, solar system and beyond under the direction of the Emerald Order Cosmic Christ intelligences. 

We are not related to or affiliated with any guru-disciple models of spiritual teachings on earth, or where group hierarchy is in place. The heart of Christ or Krystal Star consciousness is a humbling embodiment process of which is the divine right of all humans, to discover the sacred Crystal Diamond Heart within = direct connection to god source and no hierarchy exists there. 

We believe that when we create with and through love, existence is recoded (repatterned and architecturally aligned) in the essential resonance of God-Source.

Spirituality is not a disembodied sense of self, nor is it a separate part of life, it is an ongoing state of eternal life flow. It is the intent to develop and listen to inner guidance with Love, with the unity intelligence field of Mother-Father-Child God. It requires dedication, discipline, observation, detachment, and truthseeking to reveal the force of love and unity. May each human know the truth of their creators, the Cosmic Christos families of Unity, Sovereignty and Oneness. 

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