A Prayer
of the Universe
You Are

In this Krystal body
of God
The Essence of Love
that brought you

Across all time and space
You exist
as Love

in variations of color
ripening to One
White Tone
of Truth

This is the gift
you are remembering
you are

Dear Beloved Star
of Christ-Sophia
thank you for your blessed presence

Your prayer-
Song has sent me spiraling into the far future-
to bring us both
only the silence
we didn't notice smiling
within our
One Cosmic Heart

All that vertical is you
reaching towards you
from every direction

All that is horizontal is you
wondering when you will awake
to collapse infinity into
The eternal white-
rainbow breath of impossibility
that you have always been

Dearly beloved
I cannot wait for the return of your true robe
I am there in pure white
the silent wink of being
nowhere but

The still
of Now