Guardian fieldwork and planetary gridworking projects reveal that the identities and body parts of randomised famous people from past history are used in a form of projection system towards the earth inhabitants as a means of controlling the mental body and identities. On the ascending path it is imperative to understand that this tactic is being used to create confusion and chaos so that awakening starseeds cannot understand or identify the true descendants of the cosmic christos families and instead there are imposters with installed stolen body parts on the earth today.

Many starseeds on earth are curious in the earlier awakening stages about their potential of past life identities. In the human soul matrix, there are are multiple stations of identity as expressions which have a space in time-space location. Some may be in the past, some in the present and some in the future timefields. Since this multi-dimensionality of the angelic human soul has been supressed on the earth, the knowledge of human multi-dimensionality has been supressed. Yet, this fact is truth; the human body 12 sphere 12 strand DNA Diamond Sun Template contains the links to the multi-dimensional identities in other time and space, and in other planetary systems throughout the universal time matrix.

Red Cube, Cube of Red Nile, Artificial Intelligence Red Wave Spectrum

Negative alien technology has been installed into the planetary body and in the parallel universes where black dragons source from; these net systems and AI red wave red pulse soul capturing technologies are used to 'spray' and disseminate false soul matrices and false monadic matrices on top of the human lightbody. These carrier waves of net systems look like a cage of angular mirrored laser beams around the human body, and contain false reality fields, false timelines, false identities and connect into parts of the mental body of the human starseed if not properly discerned as AI. Regular shielding using the 12D shield technique with dedication, can support the gradual awareness of higher sensory perception to determine the artificial carrier waves and implants from the organic life force patterns of the human energy field. 

False personas or identities in which have been used to control human leadership on the earth as part of a controller based system to impact humanity into keeping collective consciousness in a lower vibration. Some of these identities have been great christos leaders of the past, falsified and stuck onto a luciferian or satanic human in power. This is to create a bait and switch feeling amongst humanity who are instantly drawn to the imposter's energy as if they recognise the person as being truthful, ethical and good.

AI False Prophets, Rose-Grail Line Control, False timeline perception, Sexual Misery Programming

As starseeds we must discern in the core of our being, the heart space resonance to become non-attached to any famous identity. Jesus holograms, Mary holograms, Archangel Michael, Akhenaton Holograms, Elvis, are just a few examples of the famous people from the past whose cloned false identities and images are used as negative alien controlling holograms and are sent out using AI and streams of undetectable consciousness as a form of channelled informations to control the masses. The identities from the Egyptian Akhenation and Yeshua christos missions have been used to insert the false identities and false memories to create AI clones. This means any identity from those timelines is considered as high risk, and any association with these identities has to be meditated upon, to understand the energetic form. Guardian host have collapsed multiple holographic AI holgrams of Akhenaton, Hapshetsut, Nefertiti and Yeshua, which were being sent out from the 8D black hole portal in Orion. 

It is time to know that this is happening, and to protect oneself from being duped into any form of reliance, dependency, idolatry or guruship or worship to any person or spirit guide who is acting as if they are what they are truly not. 

As the planetary red ray and root 1D fields were rolling up around 2015, an alien artificial intelligence ray sourcing from the fallen parallell universal time matrix named Wesadrak was experienced through guardian host intelligence. The red wave and later revealed red cubes create a web of astral mirrors around the lightbody, with a red cube structure on the 2D (sexual organs) and 4D (physical heart) centres of the body. With associated mind control thoughtstreams of being the reincarnation of a famous identity from the past, or the unhealed negative ego containing guru patternings, the lightbody is covered in a locked perception of false realities. The grey aliens have used a technology called looking glass, which is a soul capturing or snapshotting of the organic consciousness, which sends it offplanet into other locations, of which the implants and perception blocking AI red wave attempt to impose thoughts and false identities. The stolen ruby sun dna template body parts were stolen and inserted into the wrongful owner, and have been used to clone artificial identities and copy and paste them onto unsuspecting humans.

The red wave attacks the 1D to 10D including the stargates, and associated planetary fields, and thus is sent out across the planetary grids using large red cube nested holographic control centres. The red wave AI pulse creates fear, or sexual attractions, and has been observed to perpetuate reversal female red wave or reversal plasma violet wave on the 7D centres, the female side and crown centres, and the root. Eventually if the sexual misery energies and impulses or fears are not healed out, the result is creating a holographic projection of false reality fields which run the microcosmic orbit in reverse spin, keeping the inner male-female gender split apart. 

The diamond sun diamond grail-rose line, has been deliberately controlled upon the earth which has used the sexual misery program, pornography and sex industry to control humanity via their sexual centres. This creates addictions and locks the human being inside of time, in so that they cannot raise their energy into the heart matrix, to achieve stages of at-one-ment with source. The human lightbody and soul matrix have endured fragmentation and damage, thus it is important to comprehend why negative aliens have used the human sexual energy including proliferation of pedophilia, human sex trafficking to create a control mechanism to the earth. 

Mental body & Personality Matrix Healing from programmed Victim Victimiser

The identity matrix of a human being sits within the lower centres of the 1D, 2D and 3D centres - also known as the personality matrix. The mental body layers and sexual centres (2D) have been heavily implanted to continue a single identity or personality which is locked into a very small bandwidth of perception. If a person is installed with false identities, and models themselves on others such as following a famous idol, trying to be more like the idol, their energy is being bound into the identity-timeline, and is easily controlled by negative entities and controllers. To be freed of this manipulation, we must protect our sexual energies and not try to be like any other person, including any past life famous leader. In doing so, over time, we become sovereign over our sexual energies and the energy can start to build the inner diamond sun rose-grail line, or the mother-father albion-cathar energies inside the body, which merge together to build the path back to god-source, as a reconnection and eventual god-part embodiment to be at-one with god. In inner sacred marriage. If we emanate or believe or try to be something we are not, we are not allowing the divine blueprint of our soul matrix to live as god intended on the earth. Negative alien mind control through the personality matrix happens because the reptilian tail or the reptilian mind pre-installed with negative or superior thinking, is easily controlled by creating the false identity.

When a human can free themselves from sexual misery and mind control, the building of the inner grail-rose line creates the freedom of consciousness to exist with god, on the earth. This is the secret of the holy grail, to be free to experience the krystal waters and fountain of eternal life source through the inner feedback loop of the human and god. Negative alien control has reversed every aspect of this, to utilise the human sexual energy for their own purposes. The human rose-grail line template has been restored to the earth by guardian teams this ascension cycle. 

The Red Cube technology appears to work in a similar way to the attraction and false twin flame, alien love bite technology; creating gender splitter and genetic code crasher inside the body. This keeps the gender inner male-female energies continuing to stay split apart. On the ascension path the healing path to reconnect with god-source can only be achieved by healing the inner male-female together inside the human body which provides the gateway access to god in the heart, as a unified male-female source. 

Guardian host projects have worked to dismantle the incoming red waves and red cubes from the Wesadrac system, but the remnant technologies can still be witnessed on the earth in the human lightbody field. This technology is more harmful to ascending starseeds and public ascension representatives, as the negative ego programming of spiritual glamour, guru-ship, or being very heart oriented without facing one's own shadow can be used as a spiritual bypass mechanism. The red cubes and web of red triangulations, create false reality fields which block the higher sensory perceptions where false starfamily guidance teams are sent to a person as false holograms. This has been an insidious way that the naa have attempted again to stop the emerald order families from recognising true spiritual family members. 

To determine communication links with truthful guides and spirts, we must be willing to boundary test and identity challenge any energy or person who attempts to make communication with us. Inside the 12d shield, you can boundary test and state that the being, place or object acts in truth of universal spiritual law to reveal their true spiritual identity to you. Krystal Star families will not ever try to encroach, command you or give you step by step instructions on what to do next, nor will they give you grandiose stories about your past famous identity. This is a common pitfall amongst starseeds who believe the imposter spirits are gaurdians, and must be known about in order to truly become aware of the depraved manipulation and gaslighting techniques sent towards many starseeds keen to live out and achieve their mission.

A person in a spiritual leadership position must clear their inner negative ego from guru patterning. A person who follows a spiritual leader or their sharings, must heal out their inner desires for a guru, or their perceptions about intermediaries. A person who is here to represent the cosmic christ intelligence on the earth, will not act as a guru, nor put themselves in place to be worshipped by another. The over-identification with another identity from the past, is a high risk spiritual activity. Each person on the earth must build a connection directly to god source from within their heart, whilst healing out all forms of mind control belief. The red cube energies attach more easily and control a person's perception if they believe in their own specialness, or show a different face to the public than they would behind the scenes. All inner anger, sexual predatorisms, seducer archetypes, power abuses, inner violence, inner hero or saviorism patterns must be fully addressed to be healed out and become non-polarised, as these patterns have been used to create a hidden silent controller in the guise of a spiritual leader. 

450px Airedwave2

False timeline perception by Sequoia

Past Life memories, Identities, False Ascended Masters; Control through identity perception

If accessing a past life memory or a story board scene like a movie, stay in your neutral core without attachment to the outcome of the information or experience you are having. In a natural organic fashion the body-memory may rise up some emotions and thoughts, which need to be neutrally witnessed in order to release them into wholeness through the heart matrix. Sometimes we want to hold onto the specific details of an experience, but generally the pattern is being highlighted for healing from the same pattern held within the current station of identity. In order to collapse the timeline from your own lightbody, holding a loving space connected in your 12d shield will allow for protections. When or if entities want to manipulate this lightbody function, there may be a feeling of influence coming from an imposter spirit who wants to push the shadow and pain body in your template, bringing about feelings of confusion. There is no need to 'act' upon the timeline collapse sequence, unless you are actively meditating into your heart and just 'witnessing' what happened in the past. AI timelines and organic timelines may create the same feelings of pain, trauma memories and suffering, the heart matrix knows what to do when the neutral observer and zero point in-the-present-moment consciousness is in the driving seat. The ego wants to attach many meanings to the current life, from the other timeline, and can sometimes be used to control the mental body thoughts and pull the starseed into a mental body trap and looping system.

Stay 'out' from the movie don't enter into it. As if you are watching a screen in your mind's eye, just let the images thoughts feelings and memories organically realign for healing in the heart. Relating to the past memory or the timeline movie too much can be used to create a control mechanism in the here-now consciousness growth. Be willing to know the truth, witness only the truth and allow all else to fall away. Facts, information or gnosis as the experience of the other timeline will retain in your memory banks what and when you need to know something. In many cases these experiences are the consciousness transport of the inner soul-spirit connecting to the personal multi-dimensional bodies, in order to retrieve soul parts, memories and to return to the rightful owner (you) that which belongs to you. This effectively collapses the station of identity or timeline into the wholeness of the diamond sun template, and will heal into your inner heart space allowing consciousness expansion in divine time.

A human who believes they are the reincarnation of a famous identity and uses that to harness power over others, is at high risk to being controlled and manipluated and is being "stuck in time" not free to move their consciousness transportations around as god intended through ascension and integration of the higher spiritual body parts. The identities from famous people and historical spiritual icons have been used to create an insert into an ascending person's lightbody which creates a false hologram, which is undetectable to the person. In meditation, providing healing sessions, or leading groups; the false hologram comes in and provides information or control, in which the person is unable to determine that this hologram is sourcing from the red wave AI red cube controller structures.

Thus, it is important never to associate onesself or pedestal a famous icon or identity. The hijacked new age has spread the pedestaling of famous icons, as a means of controlling humanity consciousness and making individuals believe they are the "prophets of god" or the only person in contact with famous identities from the past, as a form of "specialness."

The Cosmic Christ intelligence does not require a special identity or famous person to create sovereign power or leadership; The negative alien agenda has inserted false identities to create charisma, power and control and used identities to install into controlling leaders on the earth

Try to assess your reality fully and clearly, dedicating your energy to the true and one source god source to lead your healing out from any false identities or personas

Do your best to clear your sexual organs and dedicate them to god and building your diamond sun template

Remove and cording and sexual energy fluid cords between yourself and any partner you have had attractions or sexual interactions with

Entities or spiritual guides who arrive to announce that you are a famous past life identity reincarnated are likely to be negative alien controllers which cloak themselves as friendly spiritual guides

If you are in a relationship with a partner, any past life identity or famous identities must be released and not hung onto 

If a past life identity is taken on board, or believed, it is used to mind control an individual to lock their perception to a very limited time-space range within false reality fields 

Cultivating one's inner relationship to god source as your only authority will support the inner trust and knowing.

Demanding true spiritual law in the face of confusing energies will allow a divine right timing and reveal of that which is to be truly known.

Keeping an open mind, not becoming 'attached' to identities, storylines or past historical figures supports the truth in the moment.

450px Redcube