The planetary lightbody is made up from several interlocking intelligence grids, which are purposed to run the the lifeforce of living light cosmic frequencies for sustainance of lifeforms. These may be referred to as ley lines, power spots, vortices and stargates and of course, sacred sites such as stone circles and temples. The planetary body has been hijacked by negative alien intruders for many millions of years, which have terraformed the planet body, and reversed the organic creator code in the ley lines and power vortices to take the resource of our planet and humans for their own purposes.

Much of this has remained hidden to humanity, and so the guardian races cosmic christ families of the krystal star regained planetary hosting from early 2013, from Melchizedek hosting was retired; as part of returning the universal laws of the creator forces back into this planet. As the alignment of the cores of several universes; through the Milky way and into Andromeda opened up more readily in 2012, this allowed a time when the solar system gates, the universal gate level of access was able to begin to restore the natural alignments. These repairs and alignments continue on our planet today, as a very long term mission to remove the negative architecture from using the ley lines and vortices which have directed human energies off planet and stopped humanity from knowing or feeling their own one source god source connection.

Christos gridworkers know that this planetary body has been defaced to extreme degrees, and have returned at the end of the ascension cycle to restore natural order and to repair the planetary architecture. To fulfil the Paliadorian covenant, the RA confederacy teams are supporting the mass transiting of human souls, body parts and demonic gestalts out of the planetary ley lines, returning the connections to the diamond heart flowering networks upon the earth. Many intruder forces of satanic and luciferians have used the reversed architecture as their food supply to keep humanity locked in a prison. The bi-wave installations of polarity and consumptive modelling is sequentially and methodically being replaced with the original diamond sun blueprint of the earth. The restoration of the tri-wave eternal feedback flow of life energy from our Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Christos Child, as the Cosmic Trinity reclaims its creations in this density. As our planet undergoes these long term repairs and shifts, humanity is awakening to see the reality has truly been rigged here for death culture and the anti-christ agenda can no longer be tolerated.

Guardian forces from Omniversal and godworlds including Interdimensional Free Worlds Councils, Paliadorian King Dragon Lineages and many Krystal Star teams are enacting out God's plan for the earth. Intruders and anti-christ forces are being sequentially evicted, and removed from their access that once provided their food source interdimensionally and from their artificial intelligence clones. Universal Laws are being woven back into this reality, for all humans to come to know god source as one source benevolent creator. False Alien Gods can no longer stay in this realm. Humanity is being freed to knowing the truth of this reality.

Many Imposter forces try to pretend to be krystal star guardians, whom are controlled by negative alien factions to entice awakening starseeds. These beings act out a glamorisation mind control program filled with 'spiritual glamour' 'spiritual bravado' and much hero-saviorism to force and intensify the mission failure thoughtforms into action. Starseeds whom are naturally here to gridwork will be led through a natural progression if 12d shielding, and will have to work very hard at finding emotional and spiritual maturity before being able to access the planetary grids effortlessly and without the use of force. Before embarking on any gridworking for the planet, ask yourself if you are able to determine manipluation from a dark force intelligence, or imposter (masquerades as the christos family, or of the light) guiding you. The Thothian influences permeate the ego structure and send starseeds out on 'brave, warrior, urgent (you are the only one who can save the planet, you MUST take action now' and continue to feed starseeds with false luciferian light holograms to make them feel special and important.

A starseed with an open heart, and no expectation but to live by the golden rules of love will work in service to humanity and the planet, after going through life lessons and trustworthy initiations will blossom into divine service at the will of god. Egotistical ideas are necessary to remove from the personality matrix, to continue to build the spiritual bodies back into wholeness. This means working on trigger points, wounds and blindspots until no button can be pushed to take the starseed out of balance. The gentle and natural forces of lightbody activation, along with a dedicated spiritual practise to know god and the absolute truth, through stages of learning will be supportive for the unfoldment of the heart-based inner gnostic path of service.

In cosmic service,

Mhairi & Sequoia