In previous times, the progression through meditation was to "leave" the perceived shackles of the body, to travel outwith the planet and through the stargates into higher access levels of consciousness. As ascension plan B is underway, we must come to understand that all energetic travel happens when inside the body, not by trying to astral travel to leave it behind. The addictive level of the astral plane deceptions can entice awakening individuals into being easily manipulated into bargaining away their body senses for exchange of blissed out feelings; these sensations must not be relied upon and instead one must come to understand that leaving the body is not for this ascension plan. The inner stargates of the body are cultivated through dedication of healing one's heart into wholeness with source, to respect and love the body to allow the higher consciousness bodies to eventually "inscend" into form and the lightbody blueprint formholding capacity to house the soul matrix, monad matrix and develop the avatar lightbody. Learn to love your body, do not inflict pain or violence upon it: especially in the name of pleasure, as this removes the soul connectors from anchoring into the heart matrix.

We must come to heal from addictions, altered consciousness states and not allow any other connection or spirit to enter or channel into the body. Our sensory perceptions become built as the body is purified from distractions, destructive actions and substances. To heart the heart and to comprehend the spiritual benevolence upon the earth, including dangerous spiritual connections we must learn to rebuild trust principle in the heart, and with the body. As we see today on the earth, there is a mind controlling around perceptions. Everything is defined, segregated, given a classification and a hierarchical rating, in which success is defined and limited. The vanity, lust and desire programs of consumerist elite is sent out in the media, to create a false identity of that which is being classed as beauty. To be freed of the pain and suffering of these archontic programs and deceptions that divide us as a species, we must be willing to comprehend truths around those narratives. The mind controlling software programmed into the planetary grids, through sexual distortions, holographic images and mind slides in spiritual warfare are very very real. As awakening humans come into the understanding that taking energetic self-responsibility in uncovering these darknesses, one of the important steps of freeing the consciousness is to come to understand the body as a radar system, a universal remote control connection to the entire time matrix. Ascending starseeds have this potential as they build and recover the DNA through meditations, intentions and participating in self-assessment of negative ego programs which include how the body feels, responds and behaves.

We must learn to love the body, and to understand why it has been so deeply targeted on the earth in so to create many facets of unrest, illusion, false attraction mechanisms, false desires, advertising to create automatons in creating groupthink consciousness which cannot think for individual selves. Are you ready to understand the body more, and to remove these controller programs from your own body?


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Reside in the heart, as it leads the pathway to your creator. Magnificent truths are revealed when in the truth of the heart. Release deceptions, release the need to deceive yourself, allow the connection to truth spirit to be the only way. God is Truth. Cosmic Christ is Truth. Truth is a spiritual force of ultimate protection and benevolence. The heart is truth.

Forget the taste of all you think it feels; to be as you are.

For that which cannot be defined is allowed to exist as it is, and to change through all waveforms without being caught in one progression, or stagnant in the stationary thought of rigid design.

As you exist, you are. Without definition of limitation through the mind-sense.

Surges of momentary alivement, bring about a sense of leaving the body. Yet, in this space, (where space does not exist), you cannot be there and here in this present moment without bringing all of yourself into current command.

Through experiences you will note, exhilaration is felt through the body as a radar. You require this body to unify your consciousness, to allow you to feel zero point as a reality. So. Stay present in all ways, all of the time that you are able.

The body is your home, your house and hearth of inner alchemical peace. The temple of you-ness. The gateway to the dimensional planes of all that you are. The key to the code of the creator itself, in light fibre dances through rainbow pathways, of the layers of the body.

In this moment leave those thoughts where you placed their creation. Leave those feelings where you felt them.

Be in your body. Now.

Breathe within your alignment to-with-as the breath of god, breathe your soul into the body, breathe your monad into the body, breathe your avatar-self into the body and feel the flows iluminate in reactivation waves inside the core of your inner sacred union. Where there is no space, but only a merged point of wholeness in all layers you are.

Reveal to yourself what it is to be whole, remain inside as you are now. Fearless access points give-receive into unwavering stations of your own consciousness, obtained only through remaining inside.