Spiritual ascension requires that we understand that humanity and planet earth have been enduring alien invasion for thousands of years, but has remain hidden in wars, control systems, money and sexual energy siphoning. The krystal star guardian host have returned to the earth at the end of this cycle as the alignments of the portal systems in the Milky way to Andromedan Galaxies have aligned in such a way that all links out to the GodWorlds and Creator fields passages are open at this time.

We have been existing in a fallen system, that is to say that the energy hookups and architectural links for organic cosmic rays to reach this section of the solar system were severely damaged, with planets that had exploded in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensional bandwidths of this universal time matrix, called harmonic universe 1. Earth was residing in these frequency bandwidths until around 2016-17 when the planetary shifted into the next harmonic universe, stationing the frequency bandwidths upon the earth in its soul matrix triad of 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. This shift brought an array of changes to the Christos guardian gridworkers upon the earth, whom had been cataloguing and interacting with the broken code of the planetary central nervous system, known as leys, dowsings or dragon lines and further negative architecture implants and siphons were able to be seen and witnessed. Most of the grids on the planet had been running reversal 55 spin frequency fences, and had brought about a situation where humanity could not feel or know the truth of the god source currents, because in previous planetary invasions by negative alien factions from other systems; the planetary staff and vertical channels had been broken off from being connected to the Mother Arc, the blue aquamarine ray arc of the covenant.

Guardian host reclaimed their position in planetary hosting in early 2013, and this meant a changing of the guard from the previous Melchizedek hosting, into Krystal Star Guardian Hosting, which brought forth the Aurora families for supporting the re-encryption of the matter fields, the grid architecture and to repair the planet's blueprint out from being damaged by the invaders. Until Krystal Star hosting, it was very difficult to gain the truth of the damage done to the grids. Whilst humans have been living life on the earth, most of the hidden war over humanity consciousness was not perceivable until guardian teams could get their ground crew into human form by rehabilitating the organic human DNA template, the Diamond Sun 12 Strand DNA template. Guardians in bodies would be guided as the boots on the ground, to recreate and connect with the Cosmic Christ families of the Krystal Star, residing in the next Universal system, in Andromeda. This is the pathway to the core of creation, and is the original human home in the Andromedan matrices. The Milky Way fell from it's home field position throughout many wars and planetary explosions, namely Tara, Tiamat and Maldek. These 5th dimensional planets existed in the past in the solar system, where humans inhabited and lived in relative states of bliss: knowing their creator, knowing the secrets of creation and living in harmony with all that is god and creation. No separation was present, all knew equality and upheld a loving common bond as the species of humanity had been birthed into this time matrix by the original Diamond Sun families, in AquaLasha part of the Aqua'Elle Matrix in Andromeda.

If you are here on the earth right now, and experiencing some strange phenomena, it's no mistake, You are here to regain an awakened behind the veil perspective of the absolute truth and horrors of crimes against humanity which includes some alien invasions, some damage and engineering to the human DNA template, lightbody weaknesses through the inorganic installation of alien siphonings. This deceit is being achieved by creating harmful sexual practises which damage the lightbody under the guise of something risky and trendy, controller hatred and human war machine division, and the installation of fear based victim-victimiser software which runs in the planetary body. Since humans are all connected to the planetary body, we are all susceptible to receiving these antichrist antilife forces of control, much of which is through the mindcontrol and pschotronic weaponry undetectable to the regular human upon the earth.

Starseeds from the guardian host would have to work very hard to get the DNA template repaired for the human genome, coming back into the earth planes again in yet another incarnation to continue where they left off from previous guardian missions. This has been a very long and weary journey, one which meant the human collective raceline memory in the planetary brain would be wiped, in so that no human being birthed on the earth could recall that they had lived here before, and in future planets and in past planets still accessible as the truth of multi-dimensionality was destroyed, known only to those in the power elite controllers in secret societies. As this truth was buried, only the select few would know the truth, and this gave those antichrist forces power to possess humans into being antichrist satanic vampiric consciousnesses to create wealth and extreme poverties. These forces live for the fleshly and material gains, and are a service to self influence; not living with true human values of heart based kindness and gentle expression.

The divine right of all humans to know their true history, as recorded and read by the guardians from the human lightbody and from the planet and solar system, the universal structures that make up the fabric of time and space.

Inside the community container you will find tools and support to remove the reversals in the lightbody and spiritual body to physical body architecture and enslavement programs which have bound humans into not knowing, perceiving or understanding what has truly happened to the planet and human species. It is important that you take your time, because understanding that the planet has been under deception and control of controlling racelines is not an easy experience to come to understand. With this knowledge that we share, it is for the support of the disclosure timeline and the continued eviction of these invaders and their vandal groups from the earth, which in time the guardian host project work will support humanity's freedom for hundreds of years into the future.

Therefore, please take things easy, it is not a race and you will come into more spiritual wholeness and integration as you work your way through the archives and forum posts on the site. We are in this together, at times can be very physically hard, emotionally difficult into clearing one's own body and mind from the inserts and programs. It takes time and a deep appreciation of the absolute truth. In the truth spirit we are held with god, and the fear clears out so we can each continue to reveal our highest expression and to return god's laws through our vessels to be the emanation of a human who understands the truth of a human value system, in being the best role models to each other as we can.

May all humans be free to know source is god and god is good, and we, as a human species are being assisted by the cosmic christ godworlds families, and the rishic founders of this entire time matrix, to support the recovery, healing and rehabilitation of not just alien racelines, but other racelines within the time matrix who are here to help humanity on earth as the ascension is taking place on other planetary systems too. Many of our beloved guardian families exist to support the multiple genetics and racelines rehabilitate their templates back into wholeness, unity and oneness with god. The Divine right of all humans is being restored through the guardian host families, as the godhead cosmic rays are restored to the grids of the earth, humanity collective consciousness are taking their steps into wholeness and truth. There is nothing to fear, the light of the Cosmic Christ and the word of god as the Logos has returned to the earth, as the promise of god's love for all creation.

With Love,
Mhairi & Sequoia