Awakening / Ascension is a Process

The natural character of consciousness evolution involves bringing higher frequency energies, patterns, and qualities to then form additional layers of lightbody. The action of this activates the Dragon Force, Rising Force, or Kunadlini life force which otherwise remains relatively dormant at the base of the coccyx connected to the soul, monad, or avatar self. When we engage with the higher self, light frequencies accumulate which is also to say spirit descends into matter. However, this process is not a recipe requiring special knowledge; the highest frequencies are those of harmony, compassion, non-violence, truth, purity, peace, generosity, & love. To exist in this inner balance requires that the individual ego is cleared, the programmed thoughts and behaviors are written anew, & the psychological work of liberating our mental and emotional attachments, expectations, assumptions, pain body, trauma memory, and judgment systems. This is the true work necessary for all other work to be effective in a gradual and sustained manner.

As we shift our perceptions our sense of self shifts allowing us to hold an entirely different spectrum of frequency, patterns, and inner relationship. This is what Ascension is, it is an ongoing process where a living consciousness clears, absorbs, and integrates into themselves the energies of the eternal virtues or he Krystic self. This is not an event, and the you that wants a particular result is part of the negative ego construct which inhibits progress and creates more of itself wherever you are until it is clearly understood and dismantled. This is not an action, is an arrival at a profound level of clarity and truth available to those who are devoted to the resonance of heart and have gone about bringing this guiding intent into their lives by following the pure feelings of the core self that exist beyond the false light of the ego and the desire body. There is often an over-emphasis on the outer aspects of these understandings which creates a tendency to be overly intellectual and mistake conceptual understanding with actual gnostic experiences. So it is continuously up to the individual to determine where their heart resonance is, what layer of self the motivation for action is coming from, in becoming more aware yourself to become free from these patterns of service to self and become more capable of existing as a neutral and loving presence..

Although it is highlighted here as predominately an emotional and psychological recentering there are also transformative events that occur with this process that can help the centering process. The encouragement is to take in what resonates and let go of the rest remaining as aware as you can with the ground of being or core spiritual self.

Ascension also activates and builds DNA strands and begins to braid into being more of the multidimensional awareness. This process is really a transformation of the physical self as much as it is the spiritual self, guiding you into becoming a space for virtue to be expressed, lived, and embodied. As new DNA is brought into being, more lightfibers are as well & when the cellular matrix is recoded by higher frequencies and repatterned the memory systems are cleared and a spiritual memory comes into being which contains a resynthesized experience from the God’s perspective. This may bring about tremendous emotional upheavel as we lead ourselves to the unhealed parts of us which experienced lies as a truth or great pains of separation that need to be brought back into wholeness. This process cannot occur through an act of will or power it occurs through a gentle acceptance of who we are even in our darkest experience, we must learn how to act as a neutral observer to build and bring our forgiveness and love to all part of us, in this life and eventually into other lives.

Higher sensory perceptions become more commonly experienced as these higher frequencies are brought into being. This may be awareness of other selves, other beings, or planes of existence, awareness of subtle energies in the world or people around oneself in vastly new ways, all of these experiences can be sources of excitation or fear. Neither of these states is balance; they do not represent balance. Balance is to express the new without losing center. Losing center because of fear or desire is to serve the lower self, but this is not a simple act it involves you coming to terms with all that these experiences mean and comfort with your feelings and thoughts without become identified with them regardless of their character. This is noted because it is common for people to desire to experience atonement with God and seek out enlightenment without understanding this is process requiring years upon years of retraining yourself and dealing with a range of difficulties that generally dissuade individuals with a naïve love and light emphasis. Pure intentions may remain but we must learn that this is enough, becoming more simple and humble as we diligently invite ourselves to cleanse, purify, experience, process, and move forward in non-linear ways letting go of the mental orientation an walking into a heart-based expression.

Further Context

Most of humanity is oriented in lower dimensional expression & their perceptions are being controlled by many forces that are not to be taken lightly. This is the great divide in consciousness that exists in this time on this planet. However, we must learn to differentiate our path, our thoughts, and feelings from those of the collective. This is not as simple as it is expected because we derive safety, support, and direction in numerous forms from our outer reflections and communal relationships. If we cannot come to terms with ourselves as the source of all of our experiences and come to understand our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors then we still occupy a state of being that is attached to the outer and informed by learned behaviour that we are blind to or mistakenly believe that we need.

There are many dichotomies that we must come to terms with & being comfortable with the discomfort is a flexibility that will be required for all of us along our journeys. The outer world and other people cannot be required to change for you to be at peace with yourself. It is we who are invited to awakening and change through shifting our orientation. Remember also that as you begin to exist as a self-sustained and peaceful presence all that does not want you to be free may become hostile to your beliefs, behaviors, or presence. The only way to overcome many of these challenges or fears is to become more orientated in the heart-space as only truth can shield you, in some state every other thought or action is not only ineffective but damaging to your spirit.

Many of us on the planet now have advanced genetics such as the Starseed or Indigo families, this is not a value difference it is to say we have come to help heal not only for ourselves, but also our ancestral and genetic family of origin in this or even other lives. This fact makes us targetted by controller forces especially in regards to our relationship to the hero-savior archetypes and the victim-victimiser triggers and programming we have yet to heal. We cannot help others without first deeply embodying neutrality, not seeking, not expecting an outcome, and orienting consistently to our heart space and to silence. This is not an event it takes a lifetime to work out the negative ego. This does mean you cannot help but it means be vigilant and extremely aware of any movement outward to save, heal, or help these motivations are very commonly mistaken for the heart when they are instead coming from a programmed belief rather than an authentic neutral heart guided feeling-knowing. More often than not just listening or holding space is the greatest help we can give others. Our actions otherwise can easily be disempowering for ourselves or them which require us to learn more deeply about power abuse and salvation programming.

Inner Sustainability

Inner Sustainability is the same as saying an integrated spiritual being this means we have no ties or ego desires for energy, approval, or validation from others in any way for any reason. These behaviors are all tied into consumptive modelling. Understand that energetic vampirism is extremely common, this has been programmed into the human consciousness groups for thousands of years. As a general perspective this includes all behaviour that requires someone else or something outside of us to change to benefit us in any way. These motivations all arise from feelings that we need more or are not good enough just as we are which is a rejection of the self and of the eternally sustained spirit. These motivating factors are often not present in the conscious mind, many of them are masked by a layer of energy that tells us the opposite while the deeper roots remain fixed in unseen needs, false beliefs, or artificial views of the ego self. Much of these energy patterns are being sent out to the planetary body and impacting the mass consciousness field which make seeing and breaking out of these patterns either a chore, a difficult work, or a battlefield. Do not mistake the fact that wherever you embody these energies you are also exercising your co-creative consciousness power to resonate to a bandwidth or frequency of consciousness that is in alignment to the consumer. This frequency is highly entangled with alien consciousness groups that seek to manipulate and control humanity to self-enslave and which will do everything they can to technologically influence and bully you into subservience.

Remembering that spiritual awakening is a natural expansion of our consciousness.
Remembering that our essence is eternal; our consciousness is multidimensional and our physical body systems evolve to re-connect more of our spirit within.

The catalyst is always a progressive accumulation of living light which then cascades into a Kundalini activation which unveils our light body and the memories inherent within it to our conscious mind. In both ancient and present times the catalysts are often artificial triggers created through extreme states and/or the use of substances. When Kundalini is forced into awakening the developing consciousness is met with extremely challenging mental, emotional, and spiritual states. These states may lead an unaware individual into personality fragmentation and DNA compaction which may take years or even lifetimes to repair. The natural currents of Kundalini will intelligently unwind accumulated energies which then progress up the spine and into the crown. This movement of higher dimensional frequencies through the body will dislodge clusters of stagnant energy, stored pains, and conflicts. As such being prepared amounts to learning to live in balance with the Universal Law of One. 

When the dislodged energy is accessed, retrieved, and processed it is is then transformed. This transformation of energy is also a significant shift of awareness where perceptions and identity are no longer bound to old beliefs, behaviors, or habitual ways of seeing, thinking, feeling. Higher sensory perceptions including experience of self as energy, as one with the environment, or God, and seeing aspects of multidimensional realities, including sensing  other dimensional beings are common. Larger shifts over several cycles involve larger transitions into an entirely different range of timelines, this is a dropping of density, where the evolving identity can re-adapt to functioning fully in a higher state of being which is our inner divine intention, a return to love, a return to unity with god. When this kind of activation occurs beyond a personal level it is an ascension cycle. It is also important to understand this information in order to eliminate the threat of ignorance and the related sense of isolation most of us experience when undergoing an strange unexpected upheaval experience.