Avalon Code

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Avalon Code: Inviting the Love-Miracle & Clearing consciousness distortions connected to the buddhic 11D layer of identity


The intent to re-establish or regenerate consciousness connection to the 10D layer of creation. To bring the group cosmic Christ Avatar consciousness of D12 through the distortions existing within the 11th and 10th dimensional level of identity. Clear your connection from the crown to the feet, ground down into your central vertical column and activate the 12D platinum pillar of christ-light.
"We hereby dissolve all negative form reversal coding connected to any implants impairing our avatar consciousness from embodying the pure will and perfection of God Source. Return all energy-awareness stemming from any types of spiritual abuse on all levels and disintegrate all miasms obstructing our individual an group consciousness ability to connect and maintain clear communication with our higher stations of identity as God would have it be. Transmute fear seeds and fear forms from impacting our express intent to be free from false realities. We are dedicated fully and completely to our permanent nondual spiritual core of Christ-Sophia consciousness. Let all energies, thoughts, and feelings continue to establish resonance and reunion in the covenant of divine right order and timing. So be it and So it is.