Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La

Ka Ra YA Sa Ta Aa La Audio


We invite the Aurora Christed Elementals to begin the braiding of the central pillar of the core manifestation template 1-2-5-8-11-12. We ignite the zero point window and align with the Eternal Internal God Seed. May the Infinite Power of the Cosmic Christ-Sophia energy-identity open within all layers of manifestation I Am. As I breathe within I focus my intent to join and allow the pure light and sound of Unconditional Love to open. With each tone I amplify the Infinite power of God's Perfect Plan. In All densities, domains, and identities I AM, Internal, External, Middle, Core let all that I AM be merged in the trinitized waves of this timeless expression-experience to be reborn through the singularity of my perfect love as the celestaline fire purifies all that I am to reset all that is me in any existence to the natural organic living liquid krystic plasmic light, of Eternal I AM Christ-Sophia.

Let the krystal spiral grow beyond any limitation I have ever conceived o brought into being, bring the perfect geometry and alignment to all that I AM from God's True View.

KA RA YA SA TA AA LA is the core harmony of my divinity, it is the innermost frequency that carries the totality. It is This I AM that is True. It is this I AM that I AM in the Here-Now Moment and movement into the First Creation Flame that I fully embrace. I resound the WORD God spoke KA RA YA SA TA AA LA. I am God, Sovereign, Free, I am This I am free. May The eternal love waves fulfill God's Divine Plan for me. Avatar, Monad, Soul, Incarnates be healed into wholeness in this timeless infinite expression. Let this planet my body exists upon in all its layers too receive the benefit of this divine blessing. Let the cosmic fires of innermost light bring peace and love to all beings who seek to receive. In each giving let the fires of loving become my living rebirth.

Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La So be it
1-2-5-8-11-12 Aurora Threefold Flame Ignite
Ka Ra YA Sa Ta Aa La So it Is
1-2-5-8-11-12 Aurora Threefold Flame Integrate

And so The Core LaVas flow in each no-moment let me remember to embrace this divinity. thank you thank you thank you
in all the love.