These characteristics are often sought
And uncommonly embodied
For there is a misunderstanding that
Motivates people to achieve

In moving inward
with desire
you cannot arrive but you come to imbibe the nectars of the flowers on the shore

In having experienced an empty spaciousness
There is generally a desire to re-acquire it
At the expense of the entire spectrum
of being;
An escape from the realities of the self

To attain a perfected state
Many unknowingly sacrifice their spirit
The choice must be, always to accept the self
The embrace of love is the only true path to enlightened
It does not take great skill to give love to yourself
It does take great discipline to unlearn
other conditionings
Which include spiritual techniques and beliefs

The beyond within
Is hindered by words
The path is made unmanageable by any intent
To reach
Somewhere or become something
You are not

Pure dedication
Is not a force or effort;
It is a surrender too deep
For the bound body or little mind to follow

In each
washing of being
In the streams of the Krystal Star
The Eternal Mind takes it ’s place
where once words images and knowings had
taken root and shadows, residence

It is resonance to truth
that guides the self into the real

love alone is there
waiting but known also
as ever-present

Such is the gift of God
asking infinitely
That we likewise
infinitely remain open

Until we know better
than to think our thoughts can lead us
where heart alone can travel

word-wrappings and the imagined self
when animated
the hundred-fold paths of illusion

that keep suffering spawning
and keep selves seeking an escape
where neither one is ultimately

Falsities dissipate




May the golden essence elaborate
The All-wisdom
That IS