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Divine Love Divine Love
Divine Love Flow,
Yanyun, breath of life,
may your butterfly wings open too and gently guide me to infinitely grow.

Lower Self, all that does not resonate to the truth vibration,
In peace I now let go.


I anchor the inner angel I AM, in this Eternal Now Moment,
The Feathered grace of God's perfect spirit surrounds me
and sets me free. I align, activate, anchor, and actualize my two sides,


My Family lines of Father and Mother, of Son and Daughter, merge in harmony
clear all disparity, again and again I circle the krystal spiral higher within
and let more illusions of separation go

Now reaching out from a point of limitless godlight
I welcome within my cosmic protoplasmic twins
Christ-Sophia be with me, be as me, let us join in trinitized matrimony

Let the Lovesong, the Amoraea, guide me to reawake
let the ancient dust of delusion, cosmic rage, and confusion to dissipate
and disappear


I now soar in the forever clear spirit and walk the christed clouds home
exactly where my heart is
here here
always here within we are atoned, cleansed, purified and resolutely brought into resonance
with the miracle that is God's gift to us all, perfect perfection
we are now aflame as the embodied immaculate conception

so be it and so it is.