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I am the rainbow ray-body, I bring all cells into the synthesis of superconsciousness
I am a harmonious formless multidimensional consciousness of god source

I successfully powerfully and masterfully manifest and embody my highest potential
I transmute and transcend lower aspects of expression; I am anchored in spiritual mastery

I am an embodied krystal river giving consciousness
I am a conduit, a temple of truth, purity, and immaculate illumination
I only use my energy to manifest omnipolar love anchoring inward
unimaginable peace

I am a source of powerful protection as a cocreator with creative source consciousness

I am the balanced sunbeam of inner union;
my divine masculine and feminine fuse to bring about total transformation



I am the sacred union of the krystal star; I dissolve all that is artificial
All fears are brought before the integrated self master I AM, I express only the nobility and knowingness of the spirit
I am the force and source of all that is; I am the living word, the liquid plasmic light of the world
I am the trinity, the triwave of first cosmic creation, I AM