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Krystal River, Christ, & Holy Mother Sophia


Wash my neurons, dendrites axons of all electromagnetic disconnection of all chemical imbalance
Wash my corpus callosum, my pineal, pituitary, hypothamalmuc, and thalamic nuclei
Keep the code of the christiac heart-mind throughout

Recalibrate and re-encrypt the cerebrum, cerebellum,
the frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital, and limbic white and grey matter
Extend the healing waters to my central and peripheral nervous systems &
Ignite the central star,
the core tone of return,
and bring about my highest now moment
of awakening

May the krystal river cleanse and heal my incarnate, soul, and monadic station of identity
May the krystal river call me to my higher home within
May the krystal river love song emerge now


within every cell of my body
so that I may serve as a bridge
for the full restoration of the organic human hologram

So be it and so it is