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Beloved Sun

May my timeless memory serve to reset your sacred spirit
To it's perfect Plasmic presence


I annihilate all anubian black heart overlays in the personal and planetary body in all timelines
I am a Galactic Warrior-
the living truth presence
of christ-sophia

By the limitless power of the collective Krystal
Diamond heart I AM

I ignite all lines and arcs of light with the fearless relentless intent
To dissolve all false light webbing and fractured inorganic architecture
To send waves of opalene aurora crystal substance and wash
away all pains stored in my personal memory body

let the whitest core of krystal consciousness burst within every creation of bondage and burden

I am the living Godfire

and I hereby revoke all sexual misery, satanism, negative alien agenda, imposter spirits

I am the eternal bonfire
I am free from all redemption and salvation deceptions
I am a keeper of the krystal
christ-sophia codes

I am awake

I remember my divine essence
I am the sacred blue fire, the crystal lotus of the living holy spirit

I initiate my shadow self into the deepest halls of the Innermost AmorAea

May all identities and parts be bathed in the Endless Eternal Love

Until the permanent seed atom fully anchors and galactivates within
my consciousness core

Let the rainbow krystal tones of I AM GOD I AM SOVEREIGN I AM FREE

until I am the pure light christ-sophia
that God and I (in my highest potential and path) co-intend
into empowered and harmonious actualization