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Divine Mother

May the Pristine Arcs of your Cosmic Krystal
Diamond Heart recode my consciousness.
From the higher heart to the embodied heart
may your wisdom
step down into
fully clothing me
in the Truth Spirit.

May my cells spark and engage in the flow state,
to arrive endlessly in the ever-present
blooming bliss of God consciousness.


Turquoise Ray, the One Blue Flame of Infinite Love
awake within all that I am.

I open and offer myself
to the pure love itself
my breath, my body, my soul, and monad,
my avatar self
so to come to know
the authentic state & frequency &being
that is the Heart of God's
Pure Love.
Divine Mother
I am your divine son-daughter
I am home in your Light
I am whole in your Love
I am complete
I am this I am