Bright Melody

Do you know your own power?

It is here,
in the still
brilliant moment,
a light that dispels all darkness,
a love that annihilates all fear,
a power that transcends duality, illusion, death.

give up trying, you cannot learn the christ-sophia consciousness,
just believe
in the chain-breaking Love that
thunders on and on right here in every beating heart



let that love through, let love win out over all false ideas of you

You are More
More than any More can imagine

Eternal Glory
K -R -Y -S -T -A -L
surrendering to the innermost river currents
coming home to a heaven beyond
a place of tasting of God’s pure breath

remade into the white-fire-
gold rising force;
no longer a thing,
but Life Itself exchanging

May faith guide your way
May you devote yourself within to praising, worshipping The Gift
beneath and within every breath that lovingly touches your lips
and every true dream that kisses you into this
rising beyond within,
this saintly angelic tremendous giving love-wave
of truly what we are

May You Remember In the Depths of All that You Are
I have seen your face and
The darkness has already died away
You have and Are continuously lifted up
You are the free spirit of perfect consciousness

You are only This
You are Holy



Let the roar of the Lion-
The Heavenly song of the True Heaven Inside,
roar on and on again and again