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Holy spirit


Star and Aurora Guardians
Wipe the ego clean
I engage the tesseract of full surrender

Celestalline fire,
Divine Mother
purify the entire consciousness record blueprint
of all separation

I am limitless Well-Being!


I call out to the True 12 Tribes
Out of the ashes of time
Into the Timeless Now
We Rise. I bless and release you from bondage.

Oh Breath of God!
Oh Aqualine Sun!!
Come Alive

Diamond Crystal Heart
Set me Free

Restore my true essence-
The origin memory
of my true nature

I am the ultraviolet
oscillating blue-white waves
of plasma healing

I am the thousandfold recoding, circulating currents of higher galactic-monadic frequency

I am the seed of Oneness, The core of the Cosmic Trinity
and I am God Sovereign and Free

God bless you all
and Goddess sing all souls Awake