It isn't 
information that we need
instead it is learning to simplify
which is letting go 
and to apply 
only that which is resonate

knowing resonance
is not a casual extension into feeling
and forgoing all else
it takes great patience
to arrive

at the shore

once there
our stay is often limited 

but we who know
bliss, know not to be caught up
in the critical eye
and its entitled spread
of hunger & unhappiness

We learn slowly 
until, a sudden milennia
of stillness
makes of each moment
a mountain of gemstones

in quietude
we learn to receive
for our being,
craddled in willingness
wholeness warms our thoughts
in the milk of the universe

unmuddied by efforts
we move outside
of time

here, we breath and learn
and it is enough
this self, this life, this moment

no conflict can guide us
to peace

peace alone
stands solemn
and eternally luminous

may the sky smile
these emptiness

our great bravery is to commit 
to being nothing more
than we are 

may you ever
in this Oneness-



May the bottomless 
love of the Christ
be the lake-star
you always arrive at

ready to listen
made more brilliant
than space itself  in
having embodied

And behold
this is the moment,

breathlessly awake,
a defender warrior
of truth
has again opened

true eyes