I am a child of god

a spark of the divine sun
Animating this beloved body and mind

I dedicate my mind and mental processes to align 
with the eternal source; 
the living light, source, code, and sound 
In stillness the knower can be found,
I am a knower &
In peace I am found
to be finding myself again in tune to what oneness
means and IS

Beloved hosts of the krystal star
May you aid the core intention to be free
To be sovereign to let go of outer attachments
And the inner turmoil and conflict
The programming and beliefs that mask appearances
and spin falsity
and so inhibit my ability 
to be the peace
I am within

I am responsible for my path, my projections
I offer them to the krystic bonfire
Knowing I better serve you,  by serving myself to kindness
when burdens are not animated my natural grace,
the grace that is also God's, is renewed

Please assist me to see and feel and know my truth
And the eternal truth
Allow me to engage in my highest expression
To concreate the experiences wherein these two architectures,
energies, and perspectives are not two but one 
In gnostic 

Again and again my breath is the teacher
My heart is guide
My pulse is the silent speaker of great compassion
And so I learn to witness without noise
Without the semblance of outer voice 
To first find my inner sound,
My god-sovereign-free return, to divine alignment

There is no leader 
except for the beingness center 
Of the rod and staff I am

No identity with shape or contour
 only that which is one
Preserved without effort in self-acceptance 
in maintaining the balance of inward focus & full presence
I knower becomes the known and source flowers throughout

May all those who share such spaces bolster one another 
Through the limitless love of formless creation fields
To amplify the unknown essence 
where all love emerges



I accept the diamond sun
I accept the diamond path

I accept the impenetrable, invincible spirit I am

SO it is, truth in quietude