12 12 12
Set the vertical, horizontal, & diagonal spheres to align, activate, and integrate
Krystal Spiral simultaneous interconnect through all core manifest architecture
Unleash the Krystal water portals that are within the city 4 square
Build the Krystal Star (Krystar) Body Now




I AM Essence Beyond Essence
The Core Christ Consciousness

Unified Field initiate integration sequence
Generate the Singularity Inside
Initiate the White Fire
Sun of God Gateway


I AM the Eternal Light Plasma
I prepare my dark matter body and light body, my aura and nervous system, to receive the Spirits of Christ

I construct Now, The holographic fractal update across instantaneous existences
I AM the Rainbow Matrix of Truth-Body
I AM the Tetramorphic Transcendence of the Aurora State
I am the perfect peace of Krystallah,
The True Tonal Marriage of All That Is




So be it and So it IS