centering oneself-
being aware of the core perceiver
who is the silence,
the immovable presence of your inner being

witnessing the passage of all things

thoughts arise like bubbles popping in and out of existence
and you the observer are at peace with the comings and going
at one with the flow

but you,
as the embodied self, are here to learn
there is no self
differentiated from the inner
this you is a composition-experience of how you are allowing
the inner to shine through

in identification with the bubbles pain and pleasure follow
and endlessly spawn each other
looping over and over until you tire of the game
and return
again and again the ocean waves
meet the shore
again and again you become at one with your witness
in life or after life
prior to another life you meet for sure
recalling that the body is the most beautiful
tool of God

it is the way we touch the universe


from all angles of existence;
the other states of seeing-feeling-experiecing
are all training to prepare you
to be right where you are
to become the witness of the miracle
you already are,
this total transformation moment
this letting go of the games...

it can’t be rushed or forced
thoughts can’t bring you to this space
you can only breathe in and out without effort
regardless of the where
or who
becoming a listener to the shores of silence
your heart pours into existence
as you
as you
as you

that is the way you are born
it is not the birth of the body
it is the birth of the consciousness container
you experience your self to be
how close are you to just being here
no identity but stillness
no needing to do or be
just full acceptance
this is the essence


which cannot be called Love
but it is, it cannot be emptiness
or any other word-label
but it is not just all and it not all and nothing
or any combination of this or that
it is the unknowable right here
giving birth to
you are



from witness

the miracle of God
waking to see

God, the only you
all along,
right here, finally seeing the truth



that God has come into this body
to see God

you are this

wakeful loving

"yes, I AM this;

"I AM"