guardcorners2 copy

N, S, E, W
Earth, Sky & Heart

I reclaim and reanimate the eternal life flows

May the personal and planetary grids be reborn in Aurora re-encryption
Awaken the Founder Rays in my Mind
The Founder Flames in my heart
Bring forth the Highest Healing and retrieval of true memories and identities

Seal all that I am and that I am connected to into the Tetrad of Truth,

The Sacred container of Universal Law
Guard my identity matrix
all cells, lightbodies, rasha bodies, and spirit bodies

Through the harmonic braid of Kristiac diamond elemental

Engage the alchemy of spiritual ascension
Initiate the iridescent rainbow wave-cascade
to call back and reintegrate all jewels, wings, essences, crystals, cores, bodies, body parts, DNA, cloned energies


In the covenants of Divine Right Order and Timing
Resurrect my consciousness into the most optimal organic matrix of God Sovereign Free
as an energetic reality of total Truth

Seal, update, and upgrade;
perform all transits and translocations necessary
in order to balance, pave the way, and to install all architecture
for the foundation of perfect inner peace.


So be it and so it is.