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Sacred sun
I absorb
And am arranged by your solidarity
Emerging more gently
Into organic simplicity

Polarity passes by
Needing no thing
Being nothing other
Than just me 

The bright narratives of the past
And those false future selves...I was only ever meant to be me,
here, humble and complete
my imperfect views falling off
To reveal the diamond jewel
Of just what is

A quiet self
Full of sound 

Expressed only when and where natural landscapes are uncovered
And then outpourings
of krystal song
of the eternal alchemized into body
-mind, my heart no longer a substance at all 
Just an aurora pattern
which on the outer seems to be
But on the inner is only One
with everything
The rainbow-wave vibration
Inhabiting the infinite time
Of neutral 
Neither existing nor not
Neither two sides nor three
Where polarity once was
No forms exist
to interact
Just unity
Linking quietly through the energy
Of love 

A wave extending into the ocean 
Losing only an appearance of shape
Color and sound 

O a merging
Beyond witnesses
Occurring in the stillness
Of the solar radiance I am more than any more
that can be conceived or desired
no subtractions of additions or hydribized fractions
Can ever uncoverThe allness
I already am

Beneath the sun light
shadow is lessened
Integration just happens

Emergence into spirit
is just a happening 

The waters of presence
The face of I
Within the eternal 

Evaporations of distance
Blaze, and yet what is
was never part of this game
of becoming 

Leaving it
Great solace  
Offering only 

As god alone wills 

No event, no journey,
what is
as a cosmic heart
To the Mother’s
holy spaces 

The descent
The amnesia
The longing of being;  
An echo
No more emitted
from gasping sides
A bygone

Where now
brightening the cave
I once sat contemplating when oneness
would last

The ray of first causation
is undivided, an always-here,
by senses caught up in spinning narratives 
of anyone or anywhere else

Peace, no more considered with qualities
just essence unfolding an essence