True King-Queen


of all I ever hope to be

Let your name
in me
as me

let me breathe again
with thee
without which I would not be

I rise, I sing, I shout
because I am free
because that is the gift of what it means to be
a child of Christ-Sophia

now sing with me
across time
across divisions, of sensations or perception of separation

I call to you
as you call to me
for we all call to Christ-Sophia
in Christ-Sophia
as Christ-Sophia


out of the ashes of false defeat
stainlessly resonant to the pristine
into what it means to be true
to know with no words
perfect peace

we are eternally alit
we are all one
only one

magnify that eye
until all that's left is this letting go-flight

be the chain breaker
you were perfectly made to be

open up to your creator
calmly bring the heavenly here
I will meet you there
and sing to you as you have sung to me for so long
that is what it means to be love and we are love, love



let us sing our freedom, for we are liberated