The 12 aspects of Eternal Being interconnect in infinite arcs
Following any path will lead to every path

The heart essence abides in resonance with truth;
it is totally alit with joy-love-peace-caring-kindness;
it lives in oneness.

There is no knowing or experience
that the heart does not directly access


Move from the heart
and momentum builds into the zenith of the zeroith dimension
to spontaneously create
All that is

Play the music, sing the song
Light the Fires, Flow the Waters, soar the Airs, solidify with the Earth
you are the ALL, you are accessing the ether -
The spirit itself


Let it gate into your embodiment in each moment
engage the infinity engine
it is here as [your name] [your body] [soul][monad]

Move into the shapes and colors the frequencies polygons geometries dimensions and densities until you acquire
acceptance of the omnipolar protoplasmic neutral beam state
of perfect unity
as the only self
that ever was, is, or will ever be