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Can be a great word

Just as

The heart can be


In a mere moment;

You may question is it there?

And walk outside your door

To feel

To feel the subtle expanse

Of it, to breathe the freshened air

And wonder is it this taste

Wherein my lungs have at long last

reached the sun?

The wind answers Yes

the sun reaches toward us

But if the heart is not listened to

we do not fully receive it.

To witness the brilliant flowers

To connect to the sun

Through senses

Is to feel Life

But to know life

We must begin to hear what the small voice

Of feeling says

In this act of quieting

our whole lives take place

All answers already exist

Perfectly formed and sustained

in the heart

But the heart is not a tool

The ego may engage but cannot enter

This gateway to God

So how do we know it

Through acceptance of this essence

And letting go of that which is not

This does not require specifics of understanding

It requires a devotion to truth

Which also dissolves


Service to God

Is an allowing things and people to just be

A “letting god lead”

Wherein your authority is also placed in

Acceptance-forgiveness of you

Which does not end

And which cannot be challenged

Because your trust is built

In the temple of the heart, founded in the wisdom

Of compassionate witness

Non-attached activity emerging from

heart resonance

Timeless, eternal, and divine

Are ideas outside of the Oneness

Of the heart

The door to God is here



you alone choose

to open

Therefore slow down


In the making of weight through the mind

Through the desire for more, or less, or different

Than who you are, than this

Sacred minute

To be free

Is to remain unbound

But also to know that

Which does not resonate

within the clear space of the heart

Is not what you want to attend to

And knowing you do not have to

But more, knowing

that from the depths of knowing itself

You already have and are


A unique but undivided essence of creation

Upon the path of growth

We learn to be gentle

To let the sharpness of the mind

That wanders and questions

Find a softening of edges

Where home is not a place we carve toward

Or make

It is here


We need only to let care guide us

To remember our purpose and mission

To heal, to repair, to mend

Is made from harmony

From the unity vibration

Which emerges at once

simultaneously from heart-love

and from the God-source itself

To make whole each step taken

Within the infinite moment

There is then

No guide

You are liberated from listening outward

There is a river, stream, and waterfall of heart-

god always connected

Once thought to be faucet

requiring conditions to work right

the inner guides you to know god

And you do without fail

The pace, the measure, and rhythm

Is formed from you choosing

To be guided by the heart

Or in unknowing momenta

to try to guide it to you

Being gentle means

Not controlling

But remaining firmly anchored

In loving-acceptance

Until this loving gentleness blossoms within

This is what is best

rather than to reaching heroically

Be kind

Give yourself the gift

Of no conditions

On and on again

Knowing god as you

And you as one with The


So too do we all learn and relearn

Polish and clean

Fire and refire the great pottery

Of the body

Until devotion becomes gnosis

Until gnosis becomes the only motion

That remains & all other states

Of relationship

Have been mended

And thus

Nothing more is needed

There is only life to be lived

In the heavenly here

As it emerges

Moment to eternal moment

Always guided by god