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Deeper still
The divine father

The gentle heart
Becomes the support
That strength
represents itself to be

In the quiet
The rightful king
holding the length, depth, breadth of peace
Which answers shadow
without entering polarity

The waters wisdom
& The humble truth,
Not the fire and the hero,
Not the brandishing of spirit
In oration
But the emobodiment in the hearing
And listening to it
Through relearning to feel
And to trust the source of what that is

To cleanse the root, origin, and spring cite
So that you may then become the never ending
Of life
Eternally renewed

The countryside cannot change
Until we ourselves
Return to living in alignment

To know god
As a journey
Requires a diligence
A devotion in releasing judgment,
In letting go of the afflictions ;

The container
That the ego is
Must be met with neutral
Not as an event but as an existence,
Which has become entirely

Natural alchemy,
Unwitnessed by outer senses,
Circulates currents of christos

There can be no contents of force in this
No self and other
No doer or actor there is only
Authentic choice
To surrender what presents and await
Our soul-monad-avatar visions
return from higher planes into the
Only oracle that ever was
The sophianic heart

In so doing, the amethyst rod is made,
By the quiet benevolence