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Put your heart
to the bark
And hear
the length of eyes
In lifting and lasting
lattices of

O stalwart protector,
Your breath
forms the layered
That cradles
the Mother’s body
And invites us all
to inspire 
life within life; 
invisible fields of greenest

All around thee new life sprouts
The voices of the wild
come to you, caretaker,
To be heard.

The depth of your balance
roots voices into the holy hands
of healing space,
Of unfathomable tranquility

Pine, Birch, & Yew
Sequoia, Oak, and Aspen
Elder, Ash, and Sycamore
The family of your family are my dear brethren

Maker of rings, keeper of ages
Thy boughs are the secret pillars
That sustain the birthplaces of all saints, sages, & the humble
Of heart who serve 
the One Sun

Thy architecture of elevation
Of perfectly poised, aligned,
and balanced belief
in up
Show my senses the ways to know
hope, unbridled, &
The great expanse

In the virtue of your girth, scent, and spiraling toward
The heaven’s 
Men will eternally gather
To return to center. 


O hooded guardian of god
I bow to thee
And celebrate the daily victory of being
Just this, only this,
Eloquently simple self
Positioned to know
the Eternal now
And breathe God
In and out
exactly every moment

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